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Why should you delete inactive subscribers from your nursing home email list?

 Why should you delete inactive subscribers from your nursing home email list?

Your email marketing campaign will be effective when your subscribers engage with your emails actively and respond by clicking the links or purchasing a product. Subscribers who haven’t opened your emails in more than 6 months will likely not do so in the future. Continuing to send them emails will hurt your ROI. If you have tried re-engaging them and they still haven’t responded, you need to let them go.

How do inactive subscribers affect your marketing campaign?

Inactive subscribers are a lost cause and can damage your marketing campaign in the long run-

  • Your deliverability rate takes a hit.

Low engagement rates give service providers the message you are sending emails, although your subscribers are not interested. It looks like you are going against the subscribers’ wishes, so the service providers will throw your emails in the junk folder to protect their interests. Although your emails will be delivered, they won’t be read.

  • You can be labeled as spam.

When many emails go unopened, the email service providers will be suspicious of your intentions. They may tag you as a spammer or even blocklist you. While your emails to these subscribers will not reach their inboxes, your future emails to new subscribers can also land in the spam folder. It is best to avoid this scenario because once your sender reputation is damaged, your business will take a long time to recover. Rebuilding your domain reputation, although possible, is very difficult.

  • It costs you money.

The bigger your nursing homes marketing mailing list, the more emails you send, and the more money you have to shell out to pay the email service providers. A large chunk of inactive contacts that will never purchase from you will cost you a lot.

You might wonder why subscribers who signed up of their own accord lost interest in your emails. Let’s find out the reasons.

6 reasons why your subscribers become inactive

Most new subscribers will engage positively with your emails, but the engagement level starts fading away as time passes. You may want to know the reasons-

  1. Receiving your email was never their intent.

Your subscribers signed up only because they wanted the discount you offered on a certain product. They are not interested in your content and don’t want to receive your emails. They may not necessarily unsubscribe from your nursing home email list, but they don’t bother to open your emails.

  1. Your segmentation was ineffective.

If you send the same emails to all your subscribers without distinction, your engagement rates will be low. Sending them content they are interested in can get them to engage with your emails and can eventually lead to a purchase.

  1. Their inbox was full and had no space for your emails.

A full inbox means your emails soft bounced, which is not a major cause for concern. It can be rectified when the subscribers that are generally busy decide to sit down and clear out their inbox. Once they do that, your emails will

  1. They no longer find your emails useful.

Your subscribers may have signed up when they were facing certain issues. Your emails helped them solve their problems, and now that their issue was addressed, they no longer have any reason to open your emails.

  1. They changed their email address.

Subscribers may change their email addresses because they switched companies or started an independent business. They may have progressed in their career to a new job position, which came with a new email account. As a result, their old email address is no longer in use and needs to be removed from your nursing homes database immediately to avoid hard bounces.

  1. Your email messages go to the SPAM folder instead of the inbox.

There are several reasons why your emails end up as SPAM –

  • You bought an unverified nursing home mailing list containing email addresses no longer in use.
  • Your email does not include an unsubscribe button.
  • You included text with strange fonts, all-caps, or extraneous punctuation.

How can you ensure your emails reach the subscribers’ inboxes?

Being recognized as a high-reputation sender by the email providers means your emails reach the subscribers’ inboxes unobstructed. You can do the following-

  • Purchase only verified nursing home email addresses from trusted data providers, such as Healthcare Mailing, that abide by data privacy regulations and obtain the email addresses with consent.
  • Incorporate an unsubscribe button in your email to give the recipients a legitimate way out of the subscription and prevent them from clicking on SPAM as a last-ditch effort.
  • Keep the font simple and avoid unnecessary punctuation.


Clean up your nursing homes business mailing list regularly, at least once a year. If your re-engagement efforts were met with no response, delete the inactive subscribers. Doing so can increase your email deliverability, improve your sender reputation, and reduce your costs.

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