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What To Wear For Engagement Sessions

 What To Wear For Engagement Sessions

It started with promise rings and whispered vows that you’d be together as long as you’ll live—and now you’re here. Engaged. 

Maybe you’ve even booked a venue for the big day already. Perhaps you’re just waiting for the right time. But, no matter where you are in your journey as a couple, there’s one thing you should never pass up on—photos! Especially your engagement photos. 

The photos that will come out of your engagement session will appear on everything, including your wedding website, save-the-dates, and photo frames hung on the walls of your first home and most probably even the homes of your parents. But what exactly should you wear on these sentimental snapshots? 

Before shopping for the perfect outfit, consider the following tips we’ve compiled just for you and your partner. 


Stick With What Will Encapsulate YOU

What matters most here is your personal taste. Nothing can take that away from you, so don’t feel pressured to go for something stiff and formal! Instead, go for modern ball gown alternatives if you still want to go for a more elegant look. 

If you’re a couple that’s not into dresses and suits, wear ensembles that reflect your personality to help establish the tone for your engagement photographs. Pick something that makes you feel like the best version of yourself instead. 

You have to look comfortable, not awkward. Wardrobe selections that are way outside your comfort zone will make you look uneasy in your photos. 


Coordinate, Complement, But Don’t Match

You can coordinate your outfits to complement each other, but avoid matching outfits as much as possible. That and patterned prints! These looks will only clash and make for photos you wouldn’t be proud of. 

Instead, look for complementary colors and solid designs. Anything too busy will become an unnecessary distraction in your engagement photos. 


Choose Classy Instead of Trendy 

Going for something trendy can be a little tricky! For example, you might be obsessed with your long black-and-white maxi dress right at this very moment, but you could regret it next year. 

Opt for timeless styles over ensembles that will make your engagement photos look antiquated a few years later.


Consider A Longer Engagement Session With Two Outfits 

It’s up to you, but if you booked for a longer session, it’s a good idea to pack a second outfit. One ensemble is for a cute and casual date, while the other is for a more formal occasion. This will give your photos more variety. 

Start the session in your formal clothing and then switch to a more relaxed one halfway through. Avoid going over two, though! Two outfits are more than enough, and it guarantees that you won’t be rushing to change into the next pair of clothes throughout your session.


Pick Colors and Themes Wisely

Avoid anything too bright! Orange is not a very photogenic hue, whereas red is a color that can quickly draw one’s attention first. Trust us, you don’t want your blouse or skirt to be the focal point of the shot. 

Let your faces and the love you have for each other shine through. Stick to pastels, cool colors, and neutral tones. 

You can also opt to go for outfits that fit a specific theme. For example, a floral theme would be great if you want to inject a spring vibe into your photos. On the other hand, If you’re a couple who loves the summer season, how about a beach-themed engagement session? For something quirky, fun, and nostalgic—vintage is in! 


Create A Color Scheme 

Color will make or break your engagement photos. So when you’ve finally decided on the colors you’ll wear for your engagement shoot, think about how that hue will appear throughout your engagement album. 

Rather than having the end product appear like a confusing collection of photos, you want to create harmony. Have your partner integrate some of the colors of your earlier outfits in a later appearance to tie everything together. 


Don’t Forget To Accessorize! 

Layers will add more dimension to your photos, and you can’t complete your layered look without a few accessories. A fashionable scarf or a chunky necklace will give any engagement outfit a boost. 

The best thing about accessories is that they’re so easy to put on and take off, giving you the ability to create a variety of appearances. 


Browse Through Old Photos 

Get some inspiration from your younger years, individually and as a couple! 

Create a mood board on Pinterest using the best aspects of those photos to begin planning the direction of your engagement shoot. 


Consider The Season 

Take advantage of the season you’re in. Style with the seasons in mind! 

Wear a playful, pastel romper in the spring, go barefoot on the beach in the summer, pair a cute scarf with some leggings and boots in the fall, and throw on a cozy sweater during the winter. 


Just Be Yourself 

We cannot stress this enough: you don’t have to look like someone you’re not in your engagement session. Make it a photoshoot to remember by wearing clothes that bring out the best in you and your partner’s personalities! 


The more comfortable you are in all of your outfits, the more at ease you will appear in your images and the more fun you will have during your engagement session. 


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