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What Material is Suitable for Custom Candle Boxes?

 What Material is Suitable for Custom Candle Boxes?

When choosing the suitable material for custom candle boxes, there are many factors to consider. Here are some tips:

  1. Consider how long you want your candles to last and how often they will be used. A candle’s life span is based on several factors, including the type of wax used and its quality, as well as how it is packaged. For example, soy-based candles will burn longer than paraffin candles because their composition burns at a lower temperature.
  2. Consider the packaging material’s durability and whether it will be exposed to high temperatures, moisture, or other elements that could damage it. Candles are typically used for decoration or as gifts, so their packaging needs to be attractive enough to stand out on a store shelf. It also needs to withstand being dropped off of a mantle or table without breaking.
  3. Consider the candle’s size and shape. Candles come in many sizes, ranging from as small as a quarter to over six feet tall. You can also choose between standard cardboard or corrugated, depending upon the size and shape of the candle.
  4. Consider how it will fit into the store. If you want to display the candle on a store shelf, look for one that has an attractive design or pattern on its surface. Packaging with an opaque finish often has more visual appeal.

Choosing the Right Material for Candle Boxes

Selecting material for candle packaging boxes should be based on the suitability of that material for your product, considering size, weight and aesthetics. These are the standard options:


It is a type of cardboard used for shipping and packaging candles. It has many different uses and can be recycled after use. The material is made from recycled paper, so it’s very eco-friendly.

Corrugated material can be printed on or left blank, depending on what you need it for. It also comes in many different sizes and thicknesses, which makes it versatile. The most common corrugated board is fluted, with a smooth surface and a ridged pattern on both sides.

The fluted board is used for shipping and packaging. It’s also commonly used in displays when you want to show off products. The strength of the material depends on its thickness: The thinner it is, the weaker it will be.

The corrugated board is made from a mixture of recycled paper and glue. The paper comes from old newspapers, magazines, and other sources. It’s mixed with water and chemicals to make a slurry, then dried into sheets cut into strips. These strips are pressed together in stacks called flutes (hence the name “corrugated board”).

Rigid Boxes

Rigid (Chipboard)

This material is considered a luxury because it has excellent strength and can withstand much weight compared to cardboard and corrugated board. It is not a cost-effective option as rigid candle boxes are more expensive than other standard cardboard boxes and will cost you a lot.

So, you must consider the price of your candle item before proceeding with rigid boxes. If the product is expensive and your brand can afford expensive packaging, it will be wise to choose rigid material for custom candle boxes.

Candles are usually presented as gifts; therefore, they should be displayed in luxury packaging. Rigid stock is a packaging material with a luxurious feel. This material is an excellent choice if you want to create your candle gift packaging.

Custom Packaging

SBS Paperboard (Cardstock)

Due to its lightweight properties and foldability, paperboard is often used to make small packaging boxes due to its lack of strength. Candle boxes with dimensions of L 4″ x W 4″ x D 4.5″ or L 4.5″ x W 4.5″ x D 4.75 work best with this material.

Kraft Paper

It has a natural, matte feel and a traditional brown color inside and out. Darker colors usually work best with this material since the cardboard liner alters the aesthetic of lighter colors. Printed with digital white ink, white appears vivid and bold on Kraft. In areas featuring branding and artwork, ink is cured to create a durable and scratch-resistant finish – ideal for maintaining a high-quality look.

Are you confused, though?

Not sure what material will work best for your custom candle boxes? No problem! First, take your candle in your hands and pick a measuring tool to take the dimensions of the candle jar. Let’s say the pot size is standard and not too big, and the product would be sold at a competitive price, so cardboard will be the best choice as it is not an expensive option and can withstand the average weight of the product.

For shipping, corrugated cardboard would be the best choice because corrugated candle boxes are stackable and protect the candle jars from damage during shipping.

The rigid material is the perfect choice to push products into luxury packaging. Do not use any other material if your product is expensive and unique. Candle boxes made of rigid material are suitable for shipping, storage, and product presentation due to their high strength and luxurious appeal.

The last option is kraft paper, which is an environmentally friendly material. So you can choose kraft candle boxes if the product is lightweight and you want to go green.

Trusted Packaging Company

It is essential to choose a packaging company with years of experience creating custom candle boxes and serving many brands with custom packaging. Let’s say you are still deciding which company you should choose. You can read reviews about packaging companies, which will help you find a suitable company for your candle packaging. Whether you make scented, handmade, or votive candles, the best packaging company will drive your product to success with durable packaging boxes.

Here is a suggestion for you!

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