Monday May 20, 2024
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Wanna Take The Control Back: Try The Parental Control Software

 Wanna Take The Control Back: Try The Parental Control Software

So it first hit me when my kid changed the password of her Facebook account without letting me know. I was forced to log out that was when I realized that kid has now grown up. You might have seen any random post or there is a chance that many people in your circle have an Instagram account or Facebook account that belonged to their toddler or kid.

Yes, this is a common trend these days as a way to save the digital memories of the kids. Some post things online with the public, some have privacy settings. So I did that at that time when and now revealed it to the kid. It has all her childhood posts and pictures. It was an exciting thing for her so she seemed happy. She told me to share the account details with her. I sent her the login and password but then she asked for other minor details like email as well.

I sent it and forgot about it. That evening casually tried to log in to the account and it said that the password is changed. I tried and tried again but it was useless. The first thing that came to my mind was that the account is compromised and all of my year’s hard work is about to get lost. Yes, it was kind of my digital diary for the kid. I almost ran to her and told her that somtheing is wrong to which she calmly replied that she knows as she is the one who has changed the password.

I was quiet and dumbfounded as I was not prepared to face this type of situation. Well, she said Mom maybe it’s time for me to get control of the thing that is mine. I was like sure and then came back.

That day and the next two to three days were hard that I could tell you. It was more coffee, kind of anxious nights, and all sorts of weird thoughts. Maybe the change in the newsfeed was triggering all this as she deleted some posts, the display was changed and from what I guessed I was added to the acquaintance list as well. The result after three days was I was looking for the parental control software feature on Google.

I was not ready to let go and the changes were too fast to handle. Besides the law permits me to use the parental control app to assure the safety of the minor so I was going to use my right with that. I started using the TheOneSpy app and at that time all I think about was how to take control back. A parental control software like the TheOneSpy offers a secret pathway directly to the smart tool of the kid.

  • The device can be a cellphone or tablet. Mac book, laptop, or even computer in case of the TheOneSpy as they offer different versions to support all types of devices.

  • The feature that got my attention was the access to the social media of the teens. I was kind of added in the kid’s account just as a formality and that was bothering me. Why hide things when you are doing nothing wrong? The theonespy parental control Software offers a long list of social media monitoring features. Facebook spy app, Line spy app, Instagram spy app, WhatsApp spy app, and Snapchat spy app are some of them. After I started using the TheOneSpy app I came to know that they offer a Tinder spy app as well. So all the kids dating news and information is reported to you in full detail.

  • The TheOneSpy parental control software offers many other features besides social media monitoring as I get notified about the kid’s other activities. For example, the GPS location tracking feature lets me know about any sudden plan or live location. I can know what season or drama she is currently watching or if she is getting exposed to adult content. Similarly, the call log and text log feature report all the habits.

In case you are still fighting between taking the control back or letting it go well why not give it a try first and then decide?