Saturday April 13, 2024
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Tips to Improve User Experience on An OTT Platform

 Tips to Improve User Experience on An OTT Platform

Existing OTT players are stepping up their game with richer content, personalized experiences, and other features, making new entrants face stiff competition. In this article, we’ll look at how the ott platform marketing strategy can help users have a better experience.

First, let’s see the statistics here:

  • Revenue in the OTT Video Platform will reach US$275.30 billion in 2022.
  • In global comparison, the United States will generate the most OTT App Revenue (US$119,100.00m in 2022).
  • By 2027, the OTT Video segment will have 3,508.0 million users.
  • By the end of 2022, the average revenue per user (ARPU) on the OTT platform will be US$101.20.

The demand for personalized user experience has skyrocketed, and OTT platforms have kept pace with that demand. OTT apps, in general, allow businesses to communicate with their customers quickly and easily. 

For users to watch and listen, countless OTT platforms are available on the market. People, however, must select the best-suited one based on their specific needs due to a lack of time and a tight budget. It presents a challenge for OTT players, forcing them to use effective OTT marketing strategies to convince potential customers that they are worth their time and money. With the right marketing tools, an OTT platform can effectively reach and establish a loyal audience base.

Curious to learn about OTT strategies and the User Experience? Here are eight ways to win user experience in OTT Platform Marketing.

How Does an OTT Platform Enhance the User Experience?

Some of the best ways to increase user engagement in an OTT Platform are as follows:

# Develop an Omni-channel User Experience

Subscribers now watch content on multiple screens. Users can also share the same streaming service while watching their favorite shows on multiple screens. As a result, your platform must be compatible with a wide range of devices while supporting multiple user profiles. Here are some simple tips for providing an omnichannel experience for your OTT platform’s users:

  • Intuitive UI and Simplified Viewing Experience.
  • Compatibility With Multiple Screens
  • Multiple Profiles on a Single Account

# Original content drives a larger audience

Create an OTT platform that offers a wide range of content. The primary focus should be on producing originals, such as the well-known Netflix originals Sacred Games, Stranger Things, etc.  Documentaries, exclusive movies, new releases, and regional content must all be available. It gives your audience more options to select from your OTT streaming app or website based on their moods or preferences.

# Ensure Multi-Device Compatibility

Create an OTT platform that is compatible with multiple devices, including Smart TVs, laptop computers, and mobile phones. It allows the audience to watch content in the way that they prefer. The benefits of streaming services on various devices should be considered during the OTT platform development process so that your audience can access content at all times.

# Use Push Notifications to Increase In-App Engagement

While using in-app push notifications can ensure continuous engagement, sending too many notifications too close together can result in uninstalls. As a result, only send relevant and personalized notifications to users to ensure the success of this OTT Advertising strategy. It’s also critical to send push notifications in accordance with a user’s time zone to avoid annoying or disturbing them.

# User Experience Is the Secret to Success

One thing that must be clear when hiring OTT platform providers is user experience. Push notifications, wish lists, ratings, history, and a personalized profile should get included to provide the user with a better User experience. Create a white-label OTT platform that is personalized and identifiable as your brand.

# Flexible Advertising and Monetization Subscription Models

It’s a good idea to separate OTT streaming services into free and paid subscriptions. Ads can get streamed in the middle of a playlist on free services, just like Spotify. If a user prefers an ad-free experience, they can opt for a premium service, which will also provide numerous benefits. Include paid partnership models, where brands can advertise their products through your OTT video solutions’ content.

# Make Use of Analytical Tools

It is highly beneficial to assign digital analytical tools. It observes and reports data on the positives and negatives of your video streaming platform. Understanding and leveraging customer data through OTT streaming solutions that incorporate these tools provide deeper insights into the existing strategies and content. Therefore, choose a white-label OTT solution to improve branding and make changes easier.

# Effective Marketing

OTT solutions must leverage an effective marketing strategy to reach a wide range of audiences. Influencers, celebrities, and partnered content can all be used to promote your video platform. OTT service providers can provide the most effective and easily integrated marketing solutions for your video streaming platform.

In a Nutshell,

As OTT becomes more popular, more entertainment and media companies have decided to build their own OTT platforms to engage with viewers. While content quality and variety are vital in attracting new viewers, UI/UX is critical in retaining them. However, with cutting-edge technologies, we will see brilliant innovations in the OTT sector, but a simple and appealing user experience will remain the main factor that defines the success of any OTT platform.