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Tuesday, September 21, 2021
5 Tips For Elegant Box Printing for Cosmetics Products

There is a vast sea of users swearing by their go-to cosmetic products. every year the annual sales in this market sector grow exponentially. Thanks to social media use, everyone is trying their favorite makeup look and posting it for more likes. One of these video trends is the unboxing reviews posted to highlight the box printing patterns of cosmetic brands.

It means that if you are a cosmetic dealer or manufacturer, there is ample room for business here! But it also means that brands have to find a way to break through the cluster so customers can vouch for the offered business values.

Your packaging is the tool that can turn passing-by shoppers into die-hard fans. It is the separating factor between one-time shoppers and customer loyalty that is hard to shake. Loreal enjoys a loyal customer base that picks up the products on offer almost as second nature.

Such progressive brand recognition is only realizable when the boxes are printed with a distinguished brand logo and identity. Otherwise, the boxes are just left to gather dust on the store shelves.

But how exactly do you get packaging boxes that create a compulsive need for your customer to buy your products? creating customized boxes is an art. We can give a crash course on it. just keep reading and ensure to follow the stated guidelines.

Define your demographic

Before you settle down to design the ideal boxes for your well-researched cosmetics, there must be clarity over the nature of the recipients. The kind of customers your business is targeting makes a huge impact on designing.

Are the customers old or young? What nationalities do they belong to and how often do they use the cosmetics? These are some of the main questions that must be answered to reflect the same on the boxes. Not every customer group responds to the same packaging elements. The visual brand appeal is the biggest influencer of customers’ buying choices. And knowing what kind of buyers the business is targeting, is the key to designing the ultimate packaging for cosmetic items.

Compose a unique brand identity

The whole purpose of using printing on the packaging is to create brand differentiation. It is the main factor that fosters customer loyalty.

The more unique the brand image is; the more attention it will grab. Dior is another well-known cosmetic brand that has got box printing bang on. Specific color tones and signature font style define the brand’s boxes. It helps the buyers to spot the brand among many others at retail stores. Also, customers get a good feeling when they lay their hands on the boxes printed with alluring and charming patterns. A distinct brand look can be achieved through:

  1. Brand-specific textures. Luxury cosmetic companies use premium packaging materials and thicker boxes to reflect their brand worth. Mass production companies use Kraft material that is affordable yet classy.
  2. Viable custom features. Coatings as well as durable laminations keep the printed contents safe and stuck on for a long while. These make the boxes look more alive and communicative.
  3. Intricate drawings help attach a sense of eco-friendliness to the brand. Cosmetic companies constantly face pressure to adopt green ingredients. Showing them off the packaging helps to build a responsible brand image.

Giving clients something to remember the brand from always helps to remain longer in their memories.

Use all box angles

The packaging is like a golden platform that must be utilized to the fullest potential. The front, sides, and corners unified give an unforgettable branding vibe.

Little messages printed on the inside, colored pallets, creatively placed locks can make a huge difference to the brand perception. You can have the brand name printed over a background of illustrated nature components. Or can have bold colors and designs that describe your brand image inside and out the boxes.

All this creativity makes for a worthy unboxing experience. The trend has come to define how brands, regardless of the industry, package their products. For cosmetics, it becomes even more vital to match the box’s designs with the essence of the products.

However, having the liberty to design custom printing doesn’t have to mean that the sellers go overboard with it. The designs must be easy to understand and apprehend by the buyers. Putting in a lot of custom characters can sometimes confuse the viewers. Businesses must keep the printing crisp and readable.

box printing

Determine the brand’s mood

What are you selling? Luxury items like perfumes or off-the-shelf items like moisturizers? The product must be aligned with the right display of features at all times.

Knowing the brand style will lead all the other components to speak uniformly about your branding goals. Whether buying online or at tangible stores, the packaging takes brand awareness forward. Buyers weigh brands based on how they appeal to their sensibilities. Box manufacturers can be hired to make a robust first impression that stays with customers for a long time.

Pick relevant packaging materials

When it comes to printing the cosmetics boxes, the sky’s the limit. However, brands must be aware of the material choices for some work better than others.

Corrugated stock is ideal for shipment while Rigid can be used to impart a luxurious feel. The materials chosen must also be recyclable and bio-degradable. Buyers highly value these packaging elements. Certain brands print these features on the boxes so buyers feel encouraged to select their products.

All the materials choices provided by professional box makers allow being molded into unique forms and shapes. They also support printing inks of varied colors and textures.

Moreover, material decides whether the products would be delivered in good conditions or not. While box printing, apt instructions can also be mentioned right on the boxes so they are handled accordingly. It’s important that what customers get align with their expectations.


There are tons of opportunities in the cosmetics industry up for grabs even for new ventures. With the right printed designs and content, the opportunity is yours for taking!

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