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How To Succeed In College If You Have Autism?

 How To Succeed In College If You Have Autism?

Life is difficult for everyone in general. When we face some difficulty, we try to communicate it through words and actions to our close ones. But think about those people who cannot communicate their feelings. How hard and difficult must life be for them!

These are the cases of people with autism. Not only do they find it challenging to interact and communicate with others, but at the same time, they find it difficult to understand what and how the opposite person feels about them.

This is the reason why many people think that it is not possible for an autistic person to live a normal life or to succeed in things. But that is not true. In this article, we are going to tell you that it is possible for people with autism to succeed in doing both minor and major things in life. For example, going to college!

What Is Autism?

Autism is a spectrum behavior disorder. It is used to describe several neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders and conditions. These can be observed and diagnosed through certain behavioral and communication patterns.

This spectrum disorder greatly impacts the body’s nervous system and has a huge effect on the emotional, social, physical, and cognitive health of the individual. How severe autism can be, depends from person to person. The severity of symptoms also varies widely.

The term “spectrum” refers to a wide range of challenges and differences that each person with autism has. 

Causes And Symptoms Of Autism

There is no single cause for this disorder. However, the most common reason for ASD or Autism spectrum disorder is the abnormalities of the brain structure or the abnormality of the brain function.

The scans that are run on the brains of children with autism show that there are differences in the structure and shape of the brain.

The most common symptoms of autism include difficulty with social interactions and communication, repetitive behaviors, fixations, and obsessive interests.

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Some Crucial Tips To Succeed In College If You Have Autism

  • Select your undergrad studies in a major where you can secure your employment.
  • Complete the general education credits at a local college prior to transferring to a university.
  • Get accustomed to the college campus, students, and professors before attending classes.
  • Select a residency where you will feel the environment is comfortable for you to live and study.
  • Make use of every available resources.
  • Be careful about the roommate who’s understanding your sensory issues and autism quirks. 
  • If there is any severe challenge, look for a mentor.

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Teenagers With Autism In Educational Sectors

Studies have shown that autism is one of the fastest-growing disabilities in the world. One out of every 60 children develops autism. Keeping this statistic in mind, it is important for parents, doctors, educational sectors, counselors, and the general public to understand the needs of autistic children.

However, it has been seen that most schools and colleges do not accommodate the facilities and the needs of the students who are suffering from autism. Some of the challenges that students with autism face are as follows:

1. Self-Advocacy

Students who are graduating from high school to college are not asked anything about their needs. They have to advocate for themselves. This is something that is difficult for students who are struggling with autism.

2. Being Overwhelmed

Most students who have autism have difficulty understanding the demands and what they are expected to do. However, they have a high chance of accumulating a lot of responsibilities. That is the reason why they can get overwhelmed very easily.

3. Difficulties In Transitioning

When in school, the educational needs of autistic students are advocated by their parents, teachers, or doctors. However, it goes through a great transition when they enter college. Here they are solely responsible for advocating for their educational needs.

4. Learning Issues

This is something that students with autism face when they go to a traditional educational institution. The learning atmosphere in a college is based on verbal participation and lectures. That is something that autistic people have difficulty doing. 

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How Does Autism Affect Academic Performance?

Learners with Autism often find it difficult to concentrate on the information outside their areas of interest. This is more common if it’s a typical academic topic. They also come across challenges because of the speech and language deficits as well as developmental delays.

Ways To Succeed In College With Autism

Even if some autistic students have difficulty adjusting to their life in college, there are many students who have High Functioning Autism (HFA) who do very well in the new academic environment.

If you have autism or if there is someone you know who is autistic and wants to be successful in college, this is the article that you were looking for. Here are the ways in which this is possible:

1. Find The Resources

When you decide to go to a college or university, try to research and learn more about the institution. Know who are the members of the faculty. Learn whether there is anyone to contact for disability service.

2. Set Goals

Do the things that interest you. Make them your goal. Having a goal will make things much easier for you. You will have a fixed path that will guide you, and that is all you need. A direction!

3. Try To Understand Your Needs

When you are in college, know that you are on your own. You are the captain of your own ship. That is how you will be able to become more self-dependent.

Know what your strengths are, and then work towards your goal. Once you know what interests you, you can try to look for a career that can bring out the best in you.

The Closing Notes…

If you are a student with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), then you should think about setting a goal when you join a college. Having a goal will make sure that you stay focussed or fixated on a particular path.

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This will make things better and easier for you. Make sure that before joining an institution you do thorough research on the college. It is better for you to choose a college or university that offers services to people with disability. You may find it overwhelming at times, especially as you step out of your comfort zone, but look to the future, and hold on tight!

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