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Styling On a Budget? 5 Rising Fashion Trends in 2022

 Styling On a Budget? 5 Rising Fashion Trends in 2022

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Personal style is something to be admired, and it’s okay to break the fashion rules when you feel like it. Most people don’t have a huge clothing budget and still want to hop on the hottest fashion trends in 2022 and show off their individual looks. Style experts are sharing their favorite tips on how to achieve that sensational appearance and still have money left in your wallet.


1. Chain Belt


Here’s an affordable trend that is sizzling everywhere. It’s called the chain belt or belly chain, and it’s a versatile fashion accessory.


The chain belt is a 90s iconic piece, and Cindy, Naomi and Linda E. were wearing them on the runways back then. It’s nice to see the trend re-emerge, and you will be able to hunt down some amazing belts that won’t bust your budget. In other words, you don’t need a Gucci chain belt at almost $1,000 to look chic and happening.


Find a chain belt in gold, and wear it boldly. You have tons of options on how to style it.


2. Convertible Dress


Here’s another trend that stylish modern women can’t get enough of. You know how essential the right dress must be for an important event, right? First, you want a fabulous color and rich-looking fabric that you enjoy wearing and look spectacular in. Next, you desire a style that flatters your figure and gives you self-confidence when you step out the door.


You don’t need a frumpy dress, and that is why a convertible design gives you a variety of elegant options. A stunning infinity dress turns heads. This contemporary dress allows you to create several different designs by wrapping the dress to suit your fashion mood. Sleeveless, off-the-shoulders, cape-style, strapless, one-shoulder, etc., you can wrap this type of dress into trendy looks every time you appear at an important event.


3. Mini Skirt


How high can you go, ladies?


The mini skirt is back and not holding back. Showing off a little leg feels light and carefree, and you can try on several styles that suit your fancy.


On the Versace runway, mini skirts were all the rage as models showed off tiny skirts in vibrant shades such as hot pink and lime green. At Miu Miu, there were micro minis in pleats.


Mini skirt sets are also hot on trend, and models like Bella Hadid have been rocking this look as street style. She even paired a plaid mini with loafers and white ankle socks.


4. Low-Rise Pants


No need to freak out, everyone! The low-rise pants obsession is back, but it’s not that low or thong-revealing or an impossible pair of jeans with a 2-inch rise! This time, the fashion trend for 2022 is featuring low-rise pants that are loose, comfy and sit cooly at the hips.


You will find this trend in both denim and trousers, and it’s an attractive silhouette for all figures. Many of the styles you will find are showing wide-leg designs.


Low-rise chinos are a hot look of the moment and can be dressed up or down.


5. Big Blazer


You may love or hate this look, but the trend of the oversized jacket is here to stay at least for a while. Big blazers or jackets in black are a hot trend of the moment, and you can also just drape one of these oversized garments on your shoulders over your convertible dress. It’s an awesome style that plenty of celebrities are wearing.


A big blazer looks great with just about any outfit, including jeans, knit dresses, coordinating pants, flowing skirts, a bra top, low-rise trousers, etc.


In addition to the big blazer is the big white shirt making street style headlines. Again, oversized pieces can add interest to your wardrobe. A flowing maxi shirt in a button-down design delivers that boho-chic appeal and minimalistic fashion design.


Model Gigi Hadid has been spotted downtown shopping in a big white shirt, white pants and her favorite work boots.


Great style doesn’t always mean having a major fashion budget. You can still adopt these trends and do it your way to attain your personal and unique knockout style. Have fun.


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