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Shared Hosting and Advantages of Shared Hosting

 Shared Hosting and Advantages of Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is web hosting in which numerous sites are hosted on a single physical server. Many users share the resources on a single server, lowering expenses. Users are assigned a piece of a server to host their website files. Hundreds of users can be accommodated on shared servers. Each client that uses the server of the shared hosting platform has access to services such as databases, monthly traffic, disc space, email accounts, FTP accounts, and other add-ons provided by the host. Customers on the server share system resources on-demand, and each receives a fraction of everything from RAM and CPU to other aspects such as the single MySQL server, Apache server, and mail server.

Since the costs of running a server are shared among all users, shared hosting is the most cost-effective approach to getting a site up. This type of hosting is ideal for a tiny website or blog that does not require complicated setups or a large amount of bandwidth. Because shared hosting is insufficient for high-traffic sites, high-volume sites should choose VPS or dedicated hosting options.

Let’s begin with a concept.

Using shared hosting is like taking public transit (stick with us here).

Traveling by bus is a cheaper option than driving your own car. This has advantages; it is both more environmentally friendly and perhaps more cost-effective. However, due to the public character of a bus, you will be sharing this means of transportation, so it may be crowded at times. The bus will occasionally make extra stops between points “A” and “B,” increasing your overall journey time, but it is still inexpensive, convenient, and dependable.

This is how shared hosting functions. Although the resources on a server are shared with other users, you may still access many of them. Reputable web hosting businesses (such as HostingSeekers) have standards in place to ensure that everyone has equal access to resources.

What is the process of shared hosting?

As said before, shared hosting is the use of a single server to host many websites. Depending on the available hard drive space, RAM, and processor speed, the numbers can range from a few hundred to several thousand. This hosting is provided on a computer similar to a dedicated server, but its resources are shared by a significantly larger number of clients. The data and apps for each website user account are kept on the server in distinct partitions, each with its own file directory tree. Users have no access to the root or each other’s files. The computational resources of the web server are shared by all accounts on the shared server.

Benefits of Shared Web Hosting

There are various advantages to using shared hosting. Let’s look at the basic aspects of shared web hosting:

It’s less expensive

Shared hosting is the most affordable hosting option. The hosting company’s charges are spread among them since many individuals contribute to the server’s expenditures. Basic subscriptions start at about $30 per year, while premium services with unmetered disc space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited websites can cost more than $100 per year.

It’s flexible

New online businesses can start with a shared plan and easily upgrade as their site expands.

It is simple to self-manage.

Setting up shared hosting is quick and uncomplicated. Most service providers include a control panel via which you may administer your website. This streamlined user interface performs administrative activities as well as any monitoring responsibilities involved with maintaining a server.

You have the option of hosting numerous domains.

You may install many websites in your user directory; just make sure the domains you buy are linked to it. One individual could have different domains for their personal website, their hobbyist blog, and their company. This is ideal for shared hosting.

It is professionally managed.

Shared hosting requires little upkeep. Your host will relieve you of the burden of running your server by doing basic server administration duties. Web management is the most convenient alternative unless you are willing to operate your own server. Leave your web hosting to the pros – With shared hosting, you can expect professional technical help for anything from hardware upgrades and maintenance to software updates, DDoS attacks, network disruptions, and more.

It is capable of hosting dynamic websites.

Dynamic websites are those that change their appearance depending on who is browsing. Facebook, Quora, and Twitter are examples of popular dynamic websites, and WordPress and Joomla! are examples of dynamic content management systems (CMSs). Dynamic websites and CMSs make use of alternative programming languages such as Perl, Python, or PHP, which may all operate on a shared server.

Consider the following:

When deciding between shared hosting companies, there are certainly significant factors to consider that go beyond price. A shared hosting package should include the following qualities.


When shopping for a shared hosting plan, ensure sure there are uptime guarantees. The absolute least a host should allow is 99%.


Sites sharing a server do not affect each other’s speed and performance while utilizing HostingSeekers shared hosting, although this cannot be stated by many web hosting businesses.


Consider your projected website traffic while making your selection. It’s difficult to predict web traffic, but if you anticipate a high volume of traffic for whatever reason, shared hosting may not be appropriate since you may be violating their fair use agreement.


The underlying concept of the entire subject of economics, and it relates to shared hosting, is that resources are always finite. When selecting shared hosting, read the fine print to see what is covered by their fair use policy. It will cause issues for others if your site receives a lot of traffic, if your users download a lot of stuff, or if a script causes the server to slow down. Frogpants, a podcast website, ran into issues since users were downloading and streaming large files, for example.

Limited customization

If you have any unique technical needs, this plan may not be for you. Customized software is not permitted. If you need to run a different operating system, such as FreeBSD, or a PostgreSQL script for your database, you’ll need your own server if your shared hosting plan doesn’t have these features. In this instance, a virtual or physical server is the ideal solution because most popular CMS engines and blog builders are intended to function with MySQL and PHP.


Just thought this type of hosting is affordable does not exclude you from receiving help. Look for a host that has support agents available around the clock and through the channels you want, such as phone, email, or live chat.

Above all, you must remember that you are sharing. You share a server with several other clients, all of whom, ideally, have tiny websites. Because these sites are generally lightweight and do not demand many resources, the server will not be overburdened by hosting them all at once.

It’s Time To make a decision!

For the vast majority of people, the benefits of shared hosting exceed the drawbacks. The major advantage is, without a doubt, the low price tag, which is a deciding factor for many potential purchasers. There’s also the fact that shared hosting eliminates the need for technical skills in order to create a professional site using the most popular web apps.

Shared hosting is a good option for most websites. It’s less expensive and doesn’t require Linux administration knowledge for those who want to avoid dabbling in it. Shared hosting is the ideal option for smaller websites due to its low maintenance requirements. The majority of people searching for their first web hosting package choose shared hosting, which makes sense.

Pick the Best Web Host like HostingSeekers

Choosing between hosting companies might be difficult. If you are developing a website on a tight budget or are just getting started online. A VPS or dedicated server provides more power and total management over your own server, but these benefits come at a premium price, which may be up to a hundred times the price. So, if you want a simple solution that is also inexpensive, shared hosting is the way to go.

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