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Recruitment and employee assessment tools – why are they important and useful for companies?

 Recruitment and employee assessment tools – why are they important and useful for companies?

Human resource management is the everyday life of every organisation

Human Resources management issues are taken up in every company on a daily basis and are an integral part of the performance of all companies. As organisations are made up of different people, the issues to be addressed are different in nature, taking into account the personal characteristics, competencies and experience of each employee, all of which must align with the organisation’s goals. It is a job that requires a lot of time, people and often financial resources. The company’s success in the short and long term depends on how well candidates for vacancies are selected, how effectively employees integrate with the company’s operations and perform their direct functions, what motivation and experience they have, how they are able to assign tasks and manage current employees. Effective human resource management helps to retain employees, strengthens their loyalty and satisfaction with the organisation, and thus helps to control employee turnover and related costs.

A satisfied employee – a successful company. How can this be achieved?

The last decade has clearly shown that managing personnel and human resources is not just paperwork, but working with real people with their personal characteristics, needs, professional competences and career ambitions. Realising this, companies or organisations focused on the well-being of their employees, guided by the attitude that a happy and self-fulfilled employee performs his functions well, while providing good customer service, which is the driving force of the company’s long-term success. In order for company managers and personnel management specialists to know how to ensure the well-being of employees, they must first understand the personal qualities, skills, competencies and teamwork of each employee. Employee performance appraisal and tests play an important role here.

Online employee assessment platform for organisations

Responding to the market needs, Ltd Thinking Organisations has created and is constantly developing an online platform for the assessment of organisations and human resources (HR). On this platform, the most important and necessary tools are installed that allow HR specialists of companies:

  • to conduct employee tests in order to select suitable candidates for vacant positions
  • to better understand the personal characteristics, skills and professional competences of current employees and managers
  • assign them the most appropriate tasks
  • assign personalised professional development
  • career planning opportunities in a company or organisation
  • create motivated and effective teams
  • assess the internal microclimate of the organisation
  • receive feedback from employees
  • initiate necessary changes


The online assessment platform for organisations and personnel (HR) was created on the basis of many years of experience deepening the issues of human resources management, knowledge gained at famous world universities and work in international companies. Using this online platform enables companies and organisations to manage human resources on their own, without the help of external consultants.

Why are employee assessments and tests carried out in only a small number of companies?

When it comes to testing, the first thing to consider is selecting suitable candidates for vacancies: the skills and qualities of an employee required to fill a vacant position are assessed. It is an important part of personnel management. But it is no less important to get to know existing people who are already working. This assessment focuses on knowledge, the resulting understanding of change, and continuous personal and professional development. Motivated employees drive the company forward. However, even with this obvious benefit, few companies are committed to continuously evaluating their employees. Why?

Firstly, it takes a lot of time and resources of a personal specialist to conduct various personal surveys, especially if the tests are completed manually, the results are calculated and analyzed.

Second, the employee assessment and testing service is expensive as there is often a fee for each test. Thus, regular testing and assessment becomes a significant financial issue for the company or organisation.

What’s unique about an online assessment platform for organisations and employees?

Understanding the needs of many companies and organisations that the purchased employee assessment service must be not only high-quality but also affordable, the Ltd. Thinking Organisations team offered the market an annual subscription to an online employee assessment platform, with no limit to the number of participants surveyed. In this way, the employee and organisational assessment can be carried out on an ongoing basis, with an unlimited number of tests and times, for the same annual subscription price.

The main goal in creating the UNLOCK Tests platform is to introduce an organisational culture and employee assessment in companies, in order to achieve the long-term well-being of employees and the success of the company. Regular employee appraisal allows not only to get to know employees, delegate appropriate tasks to them, create strong and motivated teams, but also initiate changes and monitor their implementation. For this reason, the most important assessment tools, scientifically validated and tailored to the needs of the business, are implemented on a single platform, making them easy to use. The platform is conveniently available online, tests can be completed on mobile devices as well. The results are automatically calculated and assessed, presented in a visually attractive form with recommendations, it is possible to receive collective reports from the team. The platform now includes the following assessment tools for comprehensive HRM decisions:

  • Personality test (UNLOCK Personality)
  • 360 assessment (UNLOCK Panoramic 360)
  • Numerical ability (UNLOCK Numerical Ability)
  • Detail oriented test (UNLOCK Error Checking Ability)
  • Employee satisfaction survey (UNLOCK Employee Experience)
  • Leadership skills (UNLOCK Leadership)


What Makes Employee Assessment Tools a Must?

We often hear about the lack of employees, high employee turnover. Retaining an employee in an organisation is also a job that must be performed on a continuous basis. It is very important to feel the pulse of the organisation (microclimate). You can find out about it by conducting an employee satisfaction survey. This type of research allows you to see the current situation in the company in advance, measure the mental well-being of employees and initiate changes that will allow the company to successfully continue its work. Employee assessment tools are becoming a necessity in companies that can and want to invest in the good of their employees, and at the same time increase the efficiency of their performance. People who feel comfortable in their workplace are motivated and satisfied doing what they do best, which creates an overall positive atmosphere and in the long run ensures stability in the company, lower employee turnover and financial benefits.

Each organisation is made up of people who work in it. Get to know them, understand how they perceive the organisation and empower them. A satisfied employees drive the company to a successful. Start those changes now.

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