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Plastic-Free Custom Packaging Alternatives

 Plastic-Free Custom Packaging Alternatives

Are you tired of expensive packaging that isn’t sustainable? We too! Many companies that sell products need help finding environmentally friendly or plastic-free packaging alternatives. Now you can customize your mailing labels, napkins, tape, and paper labels at a low cost!

I’ve seen the problems and steps to make this a nightmare: high minimum orders, excessive budgeting for small branding, and large packaging for tiny products, all of which end up in the trash. We are part of the group that believes that green products should not be a hindrance in design. Also, small companies are not exempt from the efforts to meet the environmental standards of the increasing demands of consumers! So we’ve created the green packaging guide with lots of inspirational ideas. Never worry about packaging issues again; we guarantee!

Paper Napkins

It is not a pleasant experience to open an unopened box only to find the item placed without intention, design, or protection. Packaging is now a universe of possibilities for the customer who buys it. This is when they can touch the product for the first time. As a business, you want your product to be memorable and impressive.

The fabrics are environmentally friendly due to their natural properties. Seamless napkins are the best choice if you want them for design purposes, as they allow easy printing like plastic. It’s also made to be reused and has a soft feel! The best aspect is that it is not acid based when infused with water. It also does not contain sulfur and lignin. There’s a lot to look through to find the most sustainable packaging!

Here is a quick guide to customize your packaging and napkins to reflect your company logo. You can choose different designs and order in different quantities and have them shipped to multiple locations worldwide.

Paper Stickers

A significant aspect of successful branding is being memorable. Sometimes this requires attention to minor details. With these stickers, you can choose a unique design or pattern, and now you can create your own without worrying about the environmental impact.

No paper is made from cellulose fibers, and the active acid pulp is removed. This pulp is also lignin and sulfur-free, which means our ink will not transfer to the decals or leave any of these chemical residues behind in the decomposition process.

Sheets of them are available starting at 250 stickers, printed with soy-based inks. They are the perfect addition to your custom (or even plain!) eco-friendly packaging. It features a matte finish and color printing options.

This is a brief overview to customize your packaging, circular or square stickers with your logo. There are a variety of designs available, or you can order different quantities and ship them to different places in the world.

Paper Tape

The packaging is just coming out. This is the latest eco-friendly packaging that can meet all your box needs! So what’s the big deal? The tape is compostable and constructed from non-toxic backing, meaning it can go straight into the compost pile. It’s also water-activated, creating a more robust and durable connection to your boxes. Plus, it’s made from recycled materials, so you’re starting from the right start.

Corrugated Mailer

In reality, the plastic mailer is a thing of the past and could be the most wasteful thing we can do when shipping our goods. When it reaches your customer’s hands, they will tear it up, and the mailer will soon be trashed.

Why not get some plant-based food instead? Corrugated mailer is made from a sustainable material, and did you know what the most important part is? It’s as tough as plastic can be to ship your most valuable items.

If you’re looking for corrugated mailer boxes, you need help printing with your brand. This isn’t a requirement, but you could have it! It has a conscientious message for those who wear it.

After receiving a package containing this innovative material, they are happy to take pictures. They will happily post the photos on Instagram with the brand name underneath. Please take a look with us!

Dispose of Compostable Mailer

It happened to you. You received a package inside a hassle-free, 100% compostable mailer. Now you or your customers are thinking about how to handle the box. Superior to your standard poly-mailer, the corrugated mailer can be composted in six months or less. It also protects your items, just like!

Time to get back to work. Here’s a brief explanation of how you can purchase your own 100% compostable and eco-friendly mailer. You can choose from different sizes, the order in different quantities, and ship to various places worldwide.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

For any green packaging, you choose Rush Custom Boxes; whether it’s tissue paper, compostable stickers, or post paper, the brand prints using soy ink rather than petroleum-based ink. Soy ink is derived from soybeans, which are a renewable source.

The advantage of printing with soy ink is that it provides more accurate and vivid colors. It also makes recycling paper easier because it leaves no petroleum-based products after decomposition.

Although soy inks dry more slowly than other inks, another environmental benefit is that these inks have a low VOC content, which helps reduce air pollution during drying.


Finding the proper certifications for your eco-friendly packaging is an added level of difficulty. If you do the necessary research, consider its circularity. This is the process from manufacture to the end of its life cycle.

Paper packaging is a matter of choice. Packaging is an organic and renewable resource; however, if it is NOT FSC certified, it most likely will not be sustainable. We should cut down trees to make deliveries look attractive.

FSC, or Forest Stewardship Council, certifies that paper products come from a supply chain and forest that is responsible and sustainable. FSC standards for forest management are created on an international scale. Setting national standards can be tailored to specific nations with their social, legal, and geographical contexts.

If you buy from Rush Custom Boxes, you’ll be helping plant trees and reforest the world.

If you want to improve your brand image by introducing new packaging with Rush Custom Boxes, you can participate actively in their eco-packaging program. This way, you’ll receive badges to promote your commitment to using eco-friendly packaging and display it prominently on your website.

There are many options to customize your packaging. However, it’s essential to research and help companies give back to providing the earth’s resources, such as planting trees for every purchase.

Do we have a promise for you when we launch this green packaging guide? We did. As Rush Custom Boxes simplifies packaging, it’s time to return to the essential thing in your business. Get a free sample from us. It’s worth the effort – that’s our word!

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