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How to Open Zoho Mail in Gmail on Mac- A Quick Guide

 How to Open Zoho Mail in Gmail on Mac- A Quick Guide

The most common question asked by many users is How do I access my Zoho Mail on Gmail? They are unknown to the reliable techniques through which they can perform Zoho to Gmail migration. In this blog, we will solve this query and provides the most reliable approaches to open Zoho Mail in Gmail on Mac OS.

Zoho is a type of email service primarily chosen for business purposes and offers more or less the same features as Gmail. Due to Gmail’s better security, inbuild applications, and easy-to-use interface, many users look to forward Zoho Mail account to Gmail. Before we move further and talk about different approaches, let’s look at the advantages that Gmail over Zoho Mail.

What are the reasons to Open Zoho Mail in Gmail?

Gmail is inbuilt with various advanced features that make it a reliable email client for all kinds of users. Whether for business purposes or personal use, Gmail is widely used everywhere. We have mentioned a few reasons to forward Zoho Mail to the Gmail account.

  • Gmail provides a better security level as compared to Zoho.
  • The spam filter feature of Gmail is more advanced.
  • Gmail has more easy to use GUI that makes it convenient to use.
  • It provides a variety of inbuilt apps like Word, Excel, PPT, Meet, etc.

Because of these advantages of Gmail over Zoho, users want to sync Zoho Mail with Gmail. Now, let’s move further and talk about the different approaches that can help Mac users to transfer their Zoho Mail accounts.

How to Configure Zoho Mail in Gmail?

With the internet full of multiple ways to configure Zoho accounts on a Mac device, picking the right one is difficult. To ease the process we will talk about the two reliable methods that will help to open Zoho Mail in Gmail.

#Method 1: A Manual Approach to Setup Zoho Mail in Gmail

Follow the below-mentioned steps to carefully transfer Zoho Mail to a Gmail account.

  • Sign in to your Zoho account and go to the Settings option.
  • Select Email Forwarding and POP/IMAP from the left-side menu.
  • Next, Enable the IMAP access and note down configuration details.
  • Now, Open Gmail and Log in using the credentials.
  • Go to Settings and navigate to the Accounts and Import Tab.
  • Under the Account and Import tab, go to Add Another Email Address option.
  • Enter the Zoho credentials in the dialogue box and uncheck the Treat as Alias option.
  • Next, in the SMTP server, enter and change the Port value to 465.
  • Again, enter the Zoho credentials and tap on Add account.
  • Go back to your Zoho account and Click on the Confirmation Link.
  • Now, under the Email forwarding and POP/IMAP option click on Add Email Address.
  • Enter the Gmail credentials and select Add.
  • Reopen your Gmail account and copy the confirmation code to your Zoho Mail account.

The above method will successfully integrate Zoho Mail with Gmail. But performing this method is a tedious process and has some drawbacks.

Manual Method to Open Zoho Mail in Gmail- Limitations

We can not treat the manual method as the best solution because it is time-consuming and can not be easily used by non-technical users. Below we will discuss some limitations of the manual approach.

  • It is necessary to have good technical knowledge.
  • It is a lengthy approach and takes up to hours depending upon the size of the emails.
  • Data originality can be compromised during the process.
  • The manual method to connect Zoho Mail to Gmail would result in data loss if results are not performed accordingly.
  • It is not possible to eliminate duplicate email items.

To eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks and perform the smooth migration of Zoho Mails, many experts prefer to use the professional Zoho Backup Tool for Mac.

#Method 2: Expert Solution to Open Zoho Mail in Gmail

With a professional Zoho Backup Tool for Mac, users can effortlessly migrate their Zoho emails, contacts, calendars, and attachments to Gmail. This method provides a safe and fast migration of Zoho emails in bulk. It does not compromise data security and maintains the original hierarchy throughout the conversion process. Users can also eliminate duplicate mail items from the conversion process.

Steps to add Zoho account to Gmail:-

  • Run the MacSonik Zoho Backup Tool on your Mac device.
  • Enter the User ID and Third-party password and Sign in to your Zoho account.
  • Check the Zoho Mailbox Folder and then tap on Next.
  • Select Gmail as the saving file format from the Save As option.
  • Log in with your Gmail ID and Password.
  • Finally, tap on the Convert button to initiate the migration process.
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To have an easy work experience, switching to Gmail is always the best solution, as its advanced features help to get the work done more efficiently. In this blog, we have shared some quick and easy solutions to open Zoho Mail in Gmail. We have discussed both the methods i.e., the manual method and the professional method. The professional method wins the battle in comparison to the manual method by making the process easy, quick, and safe.