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Top MBA Colleges In World With Placements

 Top MBA Colleges In World With Placements

Going to college to receive proper education on the subject of your choice is an aspiring aim for ambitious students. The better higher education that you get from good colleges, the better placements in big firms you will be able to get.

Therefore, to ensure that these firms get the best students, they will always target the biggest and the best colleges in the country to recruit students. Therefore, they will hold many placement programs in these campuses. These are done to attract the best minds to their business.

So, do you want to get placements in the most renowned business colleges in the world? Then here are five recommended MBA colleges where the best placements take place.

Best MBA Colleges

The best MBA business schools and colleges in the world are:

1. Stanford Graduate School Of Business (US)

The Stanford Graduate School of Business is one of the most dynamic universities in the world. The business landscape of the world is constantly changing. Therefore, to ensure that the students get along with this change and learn new things accordingly, Stanford University is here to ensure just that.

The Stanford School of Business has an excellent curriculum that explores newer avenues of learning, This includes coming up with new business ideas, and strategies that the modern entrepreneur needs to know.

Since Stanford is such a reputed business school, it attracts many big companies to its placement programs. Many big management hubs come for recruiting new employees who have done well in the school so far. In addition, these jobs are also some of the highest-paying jobs a fresher can dream of getting.

2. Harvard Business School (US)

Harvard Business School has become a synonymous name amongst businessmen and in general people all around the world. For decades, Harvard has been respected as one of the best colleges in the world.

It has given rise to some of the best managers, businessmen, and the seven US presidents so far. It has an excellent curriculum of business study materials that teach the student all the new ways of managing their business in a modern-day dynamic business landscape.

Most of the biggest business and management firms in the USA come to Harvard to recruit some of the best students in their company. This is because they know that students of Harvard are some of the best in the world and that they have the best skills among all business students.

3. London Business School (UK)

If you go to the biggest businesses in Europe, especially in the UK, ask them where they get their recruits from. There is a 90% chance that they are going to say that they get their employees from placement programs in the London School of Business.

It is one of the best business schools in the UK, surpassing the likes of Oxford and Cambridge. It has become a popular hub for new entrepreneurs to rise. Most of the students of London Business School get placements in the fields of finance, business consulting, and technology.

A recent survey has shown that it’s one of the most employable business schools in the world. 94% of the students of London Business School get recruited by top firms in the UK. 50% of the students get employed in the UK, while the rest join big firms abroad.

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4. IE Business School (Spain)

IE Business School in Madrid, Spain has a modern, urban campus. It also has a curriculum that reflects modern business ideas and upbringing.

This MBA college has a certified faculty that comprises 500 highly professional professors from all across the world. Many of them are permanent teachers, while many appear as guest lecturers.

It offers many MBA courses with specialization in business management, finance management, and education for future business executives. It also has many doctorate degrees in business education that allows good students to further their skills and make themselves the best in this field.

5. HEC Paris (France)

The HEC Paris is a business school in Paris that provides some of the best courses in business education. Formed in 1881 by the French Government, this business college has a reputation for creating some of the best business leaders and entrepreneurs in France right now.

This college has a permanent faculty of more than 100 teachers, all specializing in different fields of business. Every year, it enrolls thousands of students.

Each year, around 800 new managers graduate from this school. All of them get placements in great businesses as managers with good salaries as well.

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Harvard and Stanford have already become famous as some of the best business colleges in the world. Apart from these American colleges, London Business School, HEC Paris, and IE Business School of France have made a name for themselves in MBAv teaching also.

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