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Manage And Control Your Go-Glam Clone Business Activities In Just A Few Clicks

 Manage And Control Your Go-Glam Clone Business Activities In Just A Few Clicks

As the Uber For Beautician App Owner, you get to enjoy all the controls and decision-making for the App. You are an Entrepreneur, and so, the App will have features that you’d like to offer to your customers, services, commission rate, subscription plans, and everything else. When you purchase the Clone App Script, along with the User’s and Service Provider’s App, you will get an Admin Panel.

The Admin Panel is the Control Centre of the Business. You are the God with the joystick for every activity that takes place on the App. From accessing the site statistics to managing the users, and manual bookings, this Admin Panel facilitates everything.


No matter what type of digital platform you have built. Whether you allow multiple local beauticians to register on the App, or do you have a separate one for your own business. The Admin Panel offers similar functionality in every case.

Let’s explore more about this brilliantly crafted Admin Panel for Go-Glam Clone App.

A hands-on the most Robust Dashboard

The Dashboard is the overview of your Beauty Business. Admin can take a glance at the site statistics, ongoing, completed, or canceled jobs, the number of beauticians registered on the App, and much more.

Site Statistics 

These statistics tell the Administrator about the total number of jobs completed on the Uber For Beautician App in the previous months or the past year. You will also be able to see the number of registered users according to different months, and so on.

To make data interpretation and viewing easy for the eyes, each of these numbers is graphically represented either in bar chart format, pie chart, etc.

uber for beautician

Data Entry for Registering Beauty Companies

If your platform allows beauty companies, salons, spas, or parlors in the local areas to register with the App and render their services, then the ‘COMPANY’ Section is for you. It is here that you can view the details of each of them such as:

  • Company Name
  • Number of Beauticians Registered from that Company
  • Email IDs
  • Mobile Number
  • Verification Documents
  • Status
  • Control for other Actions

The Go-Glam Clone App Admin can ‘ADD A NEW COMPANY’ from this Panel Section.

Manage Beauticians 

Admin Panel lets the Entrepreneur manage each and every Beautician registered with the App. In this Section, the App Administrator can see:

  • Beautician’s Name
  • Company Name they are associated with
  • Email IDs
  • Signup Date
  • Mobile Number
  • Their Wallet Balance
  • Verification Documents
  • Availability
  • Status
  • Control for other Actions

The App Admin can also ‘ADD NEW BEAUTICIANS’ from this Section and also search and filter the existing ones too!

Manage the App Services 

Uber For Beautician App Admin Panel lets the Entrepreneur manage Service Categories, Service Types, and even Beautician Service Requests. For Example, let’s say the Entrepreneur wants to manage the Sub Service Categories.

Therefore, from this Section, they will be able to manage and control the:

  • Service Icon
  • Name of the Beauty Services
  • Service Category they’ll fall under
  • Display Orders
  • Status
  • Control of other Actions

It is in this Panel Section that the Admin can add or delete the Sub Categories as per requirement.

In a nutshell, Go-Glam Clone App Admin Panel gives you total business management with simple clicks!


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