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Improve On-field Team Management With Location Mapping Tool

 Improve On-field Team Management With Location Mapping Tool

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If businesses using Dynamics 365 CRM are using a mapping tool as a standalone app, they are making a huge mistake. While using such apps, you have to integrate CRM via a third-party integration, for which you might also have to pay extra.

A better option than a standalone app for Dynamics 365 users is a Dynamics 365 map plugin.

This plugin is best for your on-field sales team when it comes to increasing their productivity. Read further to know how this plugin helps you improve your sales reps’ productivity.

Better Visualization of Clients

As we know, a mapping tool shows all the CRM records on the map. This clearly means that it would be easier for sales VPs to find patterns and visualize the data. 

When you have better visualization of data, the strategies you make will show desired results. You can strategize different marketing campaigns according to the clients or regions.

For example, you will get more sales if you sell a moisturizing lotion during winter. So, based on this, you can accelerate your marketing campaigns in winter and invest in more sales reps in that particular region.

The products you sell depend on various factors like the age of the target audience, the population of the target audience in a particular region, weather conditions, and more.

With a mapping tool, visualization of clients based on these various factors becomes much easier. Filtering records with different terms makes it easier for VPs to make decisions, present them in meetings, assign work to sales reps, and more.

If the initial research on the targeted audience is proper, assigning tasks will be easy. Sales reps would perform better and get the expected results. 

For VPs, it would be easy to assign different teams in different regions according to their expertise. If you assign the right candidate, they will definitely convince the customer and bring the sales you expected. 

Hence, better research is directly proportional to improving your sales team’s performance. A simple and easy-to-use tool can help you achieve your goals and simplify the research part.

Territory Management

Territories are created after keeping different factors like zip codes, state boundaries, number of existing customers, number of targeted prospects, and various others in mind.

A mapping tool can help you manage and create territories. When the territories are created after proper research, it is better for sales reps to bring the desired results.

For example, you assign 5 sales reps each to two territories. Now, one territory has 100 prospects, while the other one has 400 prospects.

If the first team meets 10 prospects each, they will cover all 100 prospects in just two days. But on the other hand, the other team will take 8 days to meet all the 400 prospects.

If both teams are given 3 days to complete the target, the first team will not have enough clients to justify 3 days of work, while the other team will not be able to complete the list.

With a mapping tool, you can wisely divide the territories. For example, if you have some territories that have more clients or scattered clients, you can make decisions accordingly.

If there are more clients, you can assign more sales reps to quickly complete your campaign. If the territory has scattered clients, the traveling time will increase. So sales reps might not be able to meet as many clients as other sales reps as they will be spending more time traveling. 

Considering these small factors can ensure your sales reps are not overworking to achieve their targets. They have enough digital data to give proof of work. 

When territories are properly managed and regularly updated, keeping in the addition of new clients and other factors, you will be able to provide balanced work to your team.

Territory management can help you ensure all your sales reps are treated equally. Especially if you have a commission-based system. If some sales reps don’t have enough clients in their territories, it can affect their income and is unfair.

So, give equal opportunity to your sales team with well-designed territories. It helps them be motivated to perform better and bring more sales.

Route Optimization

What hampers your sales reps’ productivity the most?

Commute, Travelling, Transportation. Whatever you call it.

Meeting clients throughout the day at different places and reaching them on time is tough because of the unpredictable factor, i.e., traffic.

A lot of sales rep’s time goes into traffic. If we can reduce this time, it will directly increase sales rep’s productivity and also save your company money.

More traveling time means more fuel consumption. But a mapping tool can help you reduce fuel consumption with its route optimization.

The route optimization feature shows an entire route connecting all the client’s locations with various stop points. Not only the route, but they will have an estimated reaching time so that they know whether they will reach the meeting on time.

The route avoids traffic and shows the shortest route that takes less time to reach the destination. When the time on the road reduces, fuel consumption will also reduce. And hence, you will save money on fuel charges that you pay to your sales reps.

Your sales rep’s schedule will be properly defined. They don’t have to worry about timings and routes while visiting areas for the first time. 

They will have peace of mind while doing all this work, and its impact could be seen in their work. They can perform better and bring more sales to your business.

Live Tracking

It’s difficult to manage a sales team that works outside. Managers are unaware of the whereabouts of their sales representatives, whether they have met with all of the clients, the details of the meeting, etc.

For updates, calling sales representatives is not a practical alternative. They can be in a meeting or driving when you bother them. What happens, though, if you want to give them a heads-up on something crucial, like a new lead or information that needs to be discussed with the clients at the meeting?

You might call them. What happens, though, if the sales representative misses the call because they were driving or because their meeting has already begun?

Dynamics 365 map is a solution to all these challenges.  Due to the live monitoring feature, managers can observe where the sales reps are. Additionally, managers may observe if the sales representative is at a meeting or not with the auto check-in/out feature.

They can also see the notes that the sales representatives added after the meeting. Managers no longer have to call their team repeatedly to get meeting updates or wait until the end of the day to receive them.

Additionally, the mapping tool ensures every meeting starts on time. The tool won’t auto-check in if the sales representatives arrive at the client’s location after hours. The app asks for a valid reason which then goes for approval from managers. 


There is still a lot that this plugin has to offer. To have a better idea of what this product can do, you can actually enroll for a free trial. You can also ask development companies for a detailed demo to understand the features in depth.