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Important Features to be Built into a Ride-Hailing App like Uber

 Important Features to be Built into a Ride-Hailing App like Uber

As a taxi business owner, you might want to start a successful taxi business or think of revamping your existing one. This can be achieved using an Uber clone app solution that comes with rich features. An Uber clone’s features will help optimize the taxi business effectively and determine its success. 

On-demand solutions reign supreme in the COVID-19 era and half of the customers of on-demand taxi apps are millennials. This demand is set to rise since such Uber clone solutions that act as ride-hailing apps are easy to use. Further, with better functionalities and features, the Uber clone app solution is bound to gain increased popularity and usage.

What is an Uber Clone App?

An Uber clone is an on-demand model-based ride-hailing app that functions on mobile platforms. This clone solution offers the best convenience possible for a rider to reach their destination from a given pickup point. Such an Uber clone solution is embraced by customers and employees who work as a part of the business.

This shows that this popular on-demand sector creates plenty of job opportunities. Moreover, it helps to expand the user base that comprises happy and satiated riders. Choosing the target audience base is seen as a difficult venture when it comes to taxi booking app development.

Regarding this, it is important to understand the requirements for developing an on-demand app as envisioned. It is also important to ascertain that the developed app should provide a sense of great accomplishment. 

An Uber clone script developed by an experienced Uber clone app development team can easily take care of the various hurdles associated with the ride-hailing app’s development work. It will also allow the user base to have a rich experience with the app. This is only possible if the clone solution has the necessary features to impress the riders. All the important features of an ambitious ride-hailing app that are to get developed using an Uber clone script are detailed in this article.

Useful Features to Be Considered While Developing an Uber Clone App

Ride Scheduler

A feature that helps a customer book a ride instantly or for a later time is a must-have feature that should be a part of successful ride-hailing apps. Whenever a ride is booked, the customer gets prompted with a few tabs to fill in.

  • Pickup location and destination.
  • Preferred vehicle type.
  • Time of pickup

Real-time Tracker

The ride might feel odd if the rider is not informed about the driver. This may cause the traveling experience to be negatively impacted. With a real-time tracker powered by the power of geolocation in the ride-hailing app, the user experience is bound to be enriched. The travel route of the driver with the estimated time of arrival (ETA) and updates regarding the driver must be shared with the rider. 

In–App Option to Call or Chat

In the event of issues, before the ride commences, this feature will help riders and drivers to make calls or chat with one another to be in sync and track one another. In addition, this feature will also allow users to contact the support team in case they need clarification regarding the app.

Real-time Sharing of the Ride Details

The rider base can share the ride details with other people close to them. The feature helps ascertain whether the rider has reached the destination safely or not. In this way, everything regarding a safe journey is confirmed. If this feature is included in the Uber clone script, optimizing the customers’ trust factor is very easy.

SOS Button

Expanding based on the feature mentioned above, users, if traveling alone, should have a safe and secure ride. It will alert everyone concerned that something has gone wrong during a ride. Therefore, the ride-hailing app must allow the SOS panic button feature, which will alert the law enforcement authorities in the vicinity of the taxi’s current location. The taxi service providers and the family members are also alerted to implement the needed action quickly.

Multiple Payment Options

Nowadays, in the post-COVID-19 era, people are very concerned with norms like social distancing. Payments for the rides in cash are therefore taking a back seat, seeing the current situation. Thus, incorporating several digital modes of payment in the Uber-like app optimizes the user experience associated with making payments. Safe and instantaneous payment modes like credit and debit cards, e-Wallets, PayPal, and more will give additional flexibility and convenience. When it comes to Uber clone app development, this is a vital feature to be developed as it can provide a greater reach for the mobile app all over the world.

Multi-language Options

This is another handy feature that comes with several advantages for the riders and drivers since they can select the language they prefer for the app’s operations. Furthermore, this will help fuel the app’s popularity across the globe. Therefore, such a feature added to the Uber clone script will expand the taxi business’s customer base tenfold, increasing proportionately as more languages are added.

Reviews and Ratings for Optimization

With this feature, the riders will know more about the driver before the trip commences. In addition, the reviews and rating feature will give the rider an idea if there is scope for a positive riding experience with the driver. This is a very important feature, as the user feedback provided can help optimize the given taxi business to the next level.

Trip History Archiver

There are cases when the rider or the driver would want to access in-depth details regarding previous rides. The trip history archiver will provide the app users with all the important information regarding a trip. The information could be the total bill, ride details, mode of payment, ratings, distance covered, and time taken. The details are neatly organized and structured for the viewing purposes of the drivers and the riders.

Night Mode 

The customized taxi mobile app should also help the driver base to use the app without any strain on their eyes by using the Night Mode feature. As a result, the drivers can view the map in the Uber clone for longer hours without stress, optimizing productivity. In addition, the night mode feature also helps eliminate the devices’ needless power consumption.

COVID-19 Safety Features

With the pandemic still not subsiding, a business owner needs to prioritize the safety and well-being of everyone associated with the taxi business. With that in mind, the Uber clone app development team should focus on developing smart functionalities that serve to keep the virus at bay. Examples could include zero-contact rides, regular temperature checks, and COVID heatmaps. The important functionalities should ensure that both the driver and the rider comply with social distancing and other safety precautionary guidelines. Therefore, a ride-hailing app must have novel and amazing features.


The development of an Uber clone app isn’t exactly easy as there are many important things to consider. They include the target audience, strategy definition, and the features needed to make the ride-hailing app more enticing.

All the features mentioned above are integral to ensuring the success of the taxi app.  One has to ensure that the Uber clone script contains all such features when building a ride-hailing app. This is because they prove to be immensely beneficial to the riders and drivers during the pandemic. So, when contemplating Uber clone app development, have a detailed study regarding the reliability of the company and its work.