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How to use the optometrist email list to improve inbox placement?

 How to use the optometrist email list to improve inbox placement?

Today, marketers have the reach of several channels to promote their business. Yet, email remains the best channel because of its longevity and direct delivery. Businesses can generate the highest ROI from email marketing, provided their emails are high quality, useful, and, most importantly, delivered to the recipient’s inboxes. Out of all the metrics that allow marketers to evaluate their email campaign’s performance, the inbox placement rate is gaining prominence as one of the crucial metrics that indicates the campaign’s success.

In this guide, we will share –

  • What is Inbox Placement Rate?
  • What factors affect the Inbox Placement Rate?
  • How to improve the Inbox Placement Rate?
  • What role does Healthcare Mailing’s optometrist database play in enhancing the Inbox Placement Rate?

What is Inbox Placement Rate?

Inbox placement rate indicates the percentage of emails that reach the inbox instead of the spam or junk folder out of the total emails sent by an organization. Time-dependent emails, such as limited offers and deals, lose their impact if they are delayed from reaching the inboxes. Tracking the metric allows marketers to monitor if the emails were sent on time.

Understanding the factors affecting Inbox Placement Rate

  • Catchy subject lines immediately draw the subscriber’s attention

Your subject lines must be short, to the point, and interesting. One glance at it should let the reader know what you are offering.

  • Quality email content increases subscriber engagement

Subscribers are likelier to open your email if the content is relevant and original. Making it interesting and providing value will increase positive engagement with your emails.

  • A high sender score guarantees your emails reach the inbox

Internet service providers decide the sender score by how often your emails are marked as spam and how many people unsubscribe from your emails. It is important to ensure you do not send too many emails and irritate the subscribers enough for them to opt out.

  • Engagement with earlier emails affects the inbox placement rate

If the subscribers have opened most of your emails in the past, your future emails will likely reach their inboxes. You need to update your content consistently to get your subscribers to continue to click on them.

  • Personalization tokens make subscribers feel important

Addressing your subscribers by their first name or mentioning their job titles may seem trivial but can be the reason they allow your emails into their inbox.

How to improve the Inbox Placement Rate?

  • Clean your list of optometrists to stay out of spam traps

Internet service providers use certain email addresses as spam traps to catch businesses that do not follow email best practices. Pristine spam traps are new email addresses available on public websites but hidden in the websites’ code. Sending emails to these addresses guarantees your domain will get blocklisted. Recycled spam traps are old email addresses abandoned by the users and repurposed by the providers.

Buying a list of optometrists in USA to make your marketing efforts easier is not uncommon. But, it is important to ensure the data providers regularly update them with correct email addresses and clear out unresponsive ones.

  • Include unsubscribe options and stay privacy-compliant

If the recipients don’t find a way to opt out, the next easiest way is to send your email to spam. Once the subscriber explicitly tells the mailbox not to send certain emails to the inbox, the ISPs listen, and your future emails can also be sent to spam. A clearly visible unsubscribe link prevents subscribers from taking this extreme step to get rid of your email and keeps you GDPR-compliant.

A good practice is to ensure double opt-in to confirm the recipients are interested in what you have to offer, even before adding them to the directory of optometrists.

  • Segment the optometrist mailing list to increase your email’s relevance

A generic email does not produce the same results as specifically tailored emails. Catering to individual interests increases your email’s relevance because content created to appeal to specific subscribers generates a higher engagement rate.

Segmenting the optometrist mailing address by the subscribers’ interests, purchase histories, job roles, geographical location, and more is important to attain higher click-through rates.

  • Be consistent and create easy-to-understand messages

Keep the content brief and avoid extraneous text to make the information easy to digest. Visually-appealing content can rouse your subscriber’s interest and make them eager for more.

Remember to maintain consistent branding in all your emails, as it leads to trust and positive feelings towards your brand. Frequently changing the design will confuse the subscribers and make you seem untrustworthy.

Role of Healthcare Mailing’s optometrists marketing database

Attaining the optimum inbox placement rate requires an authentic database that does not contain duplicate or unused email addresses. Having duplicates means you will end up sending twice the number of messages to the same subscriber, making you seem like a spammer. Healthcare Mailing stringently verifies the optometrist email addresses and updates them frequently. It provides replacement guarantees if the duplicates exceed the minimum limit, ensuring its clients’ email deliverability rate increases to 85-90%.