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How to Stay Organized At Your Dealership During Busy Season

 How to Stay Organized At Your Dealership During Busy Season

Staying organized is one of the most important things a dealership manager can do to keep their staff happy and productive. Regarding customer service, the more organized your team is, the better their response rate will be. During a busy season at a dealership, store employees can be overwhelmed and need to keep track of every little thing going on. The best way to stay organized is to determine what needs to be done, what can wait for now, and what should be done immediately. Here are some ways to stay organized during a busy season at a dealership.


Utilize a Dealership Management System

Once you have implemented a dealership management system in your dealership, you will notice that everyone is more organized and efficient. A good system has the calendar functionality to schedule appointments, tasks, calls, and emails. You can even integrate it with your CRM and third-party software, allowing employees to access the information they need while moving.


A Powersports Dealer Management System can effectively improve the order and reporting of tasks that you require from your staff. Dealers want to see the impact of their efforts, and they need to know how their time is being spent. When using a dealership management system in your business, you can assign tasks that can be used for reports, emails, and customer service. You can also automate renewals of product warranties, schedule daily meetings with your staff and keep track of when customers are due to pick up the products that are part of their service packages.


Keep an Eye on Your Staff’s Time

To stay organized, it is important to know how much time your employees spend. It is up to you to take responsibility for this, but if you don’t, it will eventually cause problems. You will want to check in with your staff and ensure they are spending their time in the right place and not just wasting time. You can do this by having clear expectations for them.


You can also keep an eye on the number of hours each employee works. This will help you ensure you are not asking them to overwork themselves. You should also take note of their output, and if their productivity is fading, you may ask them to work too many hours.


Create Workflows

You should have a thorough workflow plan in place. You can use this to assess your departments and their workflow to optimize how they operate at all times. The workflow will also help you determine if your departments are working efficiently enough or if any bottlenecks need to be fixed.


Experience problems with a certain department during your busy season. It may be necessary to reassign employees and technicians higher up the line of command so that things get done as quickly as possible. Take your turn to determine how much time your department is getting for their efforts.


Keep Product Knowledge up to Date

If you have customers ordering products daily and if the product has been changed since they ordered it, it will be necessary to update their order history. To do this, you should have a system in place that keeps track of all the new deals and products that are entering the system.


Create Momentum with Your Productivity

To stay organized at your dealership, you must create a system that keeps things moving. Most dealerships expect their employees to be productive, and it is up to you to ensure they are.


If you have a workflow in place and a system for reporting time and productivity, you will be able to find ways of making your staff more productive. Some tools can be used to estimate time so that you can see how each team member spends their time throughout the day.


Create a Work Station that is Conducive to Workflow

Your employees may not be productive if they aren’t in a place where it is easy to do their tasks, so ensure you have the right workstation for each team member. Ensure your staff has everything they need, from the correct sized desks and chairs to the correct amount of light and ventilation. You should also have the right kind of technology so that your staff can do their job as quickly as possible.



The best thing you can do to manage your busy season is to invest in a dealership management system. By having the right kind of software, you will be able to see which departments need more investment or which ones need better technology to improve their performance. You will also be able to see how much time your team spends on each task so that you can make adjustments accordingly. After performing all these tasks, you will have a streamlined process for managing your workflow and keeping everything running smoothly.

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