Wednesday May 25, 2022
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Gojek Clone – Helping You Streamline The Profits For Your White Label Multi Delivery Startup

 Gojek Clone – Helping You Streamline The Profits For Your White Label Multi Delivery Startup

Gojek Clone App is the First Choice of Smart Entrepreneurs like you because it is one Profitable Venture that is Raking in Billions of US Dollars Profits Despite the Paralyzing Effect of the Pandemic on the Global Financial Economy! This App has helped Local Vendors, Brick-and-Mortar Stores to have an Online Presence! What Started Off as a Survival Strategy has now become a Money-Minting Blueprint for Stellar Success!



The Entrepreneur Stands to Earn Commissions on Every Single Order Placed or Service Rendered through Gojek Clone. Service Providers are Contractually Bound to Pay a Small Portion of their Earnings Per Order/Service to the App Owner as Commission.

It is the Admin who Decides Commission Rates of Every Service Offered and they All Differ from Each Other. It is so because of Two Factors – Genre and its Demand in the Market.


Service Providers have to Make a One-Time Payment to the App Owner to Buy the Subscription Plan that fits their Budget. That is why, Admin Curates Multiple Subscription Plans of Varying Validity Periods such as Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Annually. 

Remember though, Each Plan comes with a Specific Expiration Date. This is an Anti-Commission Business Model! Because once the Plan is Active, they can Kiss Goodbye to Paying Commissions Altogether.

That’s why it is the Responsibility of the App Owner to Remind Service Providers Days before their Plan Terminates.



The Customer has to First Register with the User App of Ready-Made Multi-Services App Solution! Then the User can enjoy the Luxury of Requesting an Immediate Online Video Consultation Session with Industry Experts such as:-

  • Doctors
  • Personal Academic Tutors
  • Lawyers
  • Yoga Instructors and Fitness Coaches
  • Psychiatrists, and even
  • Astrologers

Only Credit Cards are Accepted to Pay for this Feature. No Other Mode of Payment is Entertained! That is why Money gets Automatically Deducted once the Video Session has come to an End.


Give your Customers the Joy of Bargaining Service Charges Directly with Handymen. The User can Post Task Details of the Service Requested on the App and Get Real-Time Bids from Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Painters, Home Cleaners, Sanitizing and Disinfecting Experts.

Start Shortlisting the Profiles based on their Bids, Experience and Online Ratings. Finally, Users choose the BEST BID!

But First, User has to Fill Out a Form with Details Regarding the Service Requested and Click on the “POST” Button! 

    • Category of Service Requested
    • Service Location/ Residential Address
    • Budget 
    • Specific Details of the Task Requested
    • Preferred Date and Time

Immediately, an Invitation is sent to All the Relevant Handmen of the Neighborhood with the Task Request. At this Point, they can choose to Either Accept, Reject or Place an Offer!

        3. LOGIN WITH SUAVE!

Android Users can Sign-In using their Fingerprints while iPhone Users will need their Face Detection Feature. But First, the User has to Activate the Smart Login Feature by Tapping into the “My Profile” Section.


Is it your Childhood Dream to be an Entrepreneur? Are you as Visionary as Apple’s Steve Jobs? Immediately Contact a Licensed White-Labeling Firm of Global Repute like Gojek App Clone and Go Live with your very own Multi Service App Like Gojek in Record 1-2 Weeks! Pick Up Your Phone and Call RIGHT NOW!


Aaron Diaz is a technical writer of gojek app clone development company. He loves exploring new things and sharing writeup skill with others. He has an extensive experience in building successful strategy for app-based industry.

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