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Gaming, blockchain, and the future

 Gaming, blockchain, and the future

NFTs, Cryptocurrency, and gaming are something that is becoming incredibly popular and there are several reasons why this is happening. The World is greatly affected by the implementation of Web3 and this is understandable. Gaming is something that has also been heavily influenced by this. So everyone is in constant contemplation that if all this were to happen, what would happen to old-school gaming? Games have several issues and these will be discussed further in the blog there are several ways it changes the typical gaming plot. Introducing the blockchain will help in enabling the gaming community to take a major part in changing the game trajectory or creating a new storyline or character.

Furthermore, P2E games that were once considered a game based on luck have now started to create the wave. How? Well, NFT gamings, at least some of them are made keeping this kind of game in the P2E domain. Based on just that it is as clear as day that blockchain will eventually take over the gaming domain. Though it will not replace it as a whole it will certainly affect several things making several complicated processes secure and quick.


The earlier games that were played were produced by several well-known corporations, and while these companies were devoted to giving players what they wanted, they weren’t without shortcomings. Decentralized gaming was designed to make it simpler for players to access more engaging narratives. When compared to what was previously provided, the blockchain’s involvement is the reason that this is now achievable. In contrast to conventional games, these games must exhibit a high level of transparency, which large gaming organizations are unable to do.

Gaming is not an investable business, and even if it were, the only way for people to generate money from it would be through sponsors and other gaming competitions. There were P2E games, but they had many drawbacks. These games were more of a bet than an investment and mainly relied on luck. However, things are a little different when it comes to decentralized gaming. This is due to the development of decentralized gaming using blockchain technology. Characters, objects, equipment, and even land are used in these games as NFTs, and these NFTs can be bought and sold on a market.

These games were dependent on market changes as opposed to P2E games, which relied on luck. If that didn’t work, you can even find games that let you develop your character or gather points to subsequently exchange for money. Even if this is something new, it is also something dependable that many other people use, so what is there not to look forward to?

Crypto in gaming

The blockchain is essentially a major component of cryptocurrency. In actuality, it was this that publicized the blockchain’s existence to the rest of the world. Without its introduction, we would not have believed it to be the real deal. The extremely valuable currency suffered a significant loss one wonderful day. While this was going on, NFTs, another blockchain-based innovation, took control. Now, this was something that many novice cryptocurrency investors didn’t understand because it had a lot to do with art and very little to do with money. Due to the nature of the product, some items were missed even though the assessment was partially accurate. These NFTs originate from the same blockchain that cryptocurrency does, but they differ in that one is influenced by market fluctuations, whereas the other’s value depends on its scarcity and demand.

These two have now been incorporated into the game, but let’s first divide it into two halves. The first is that not all games that utilize cryptocurrency must be NFT games. In essence, these cryptocurrencies can be used to buy game stuff, extra lives, and other things. Except not requiring your bank information, credit card number, or personal information, it serves the same purpose as ordinary cash. Instead, all you need to do to make a payment is to connect your digital wallet.

While some may claim that cryptocurrencies are unreliable and that consumers run the risk of being scammed and not getting their money’s worth if that were the case, why does the market continue to grow despite the setbacks? It will take some time for us to become acclimated to NFTs and cryptocurrency, much alone using them in games, but after a while, these will become items that one will need frequently.

In conclusion

Gaming is an evolving sector. One cannot confirm whether blockchain will play a major role or not. However with the implementation of blockchain in Web3 and analyzing how the world and the entire crypto and NFT marketplace is going gaming has and will continue to implement the block chain. So speculation aside, the fact is that NFTs and crypto are here to stay and the one that houses both of them is blockchain.

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