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Women all around the world share an invincible bond with their hair. For them, their hair is their partner when it comes to fashion and styling. A good hair day can blossom their entire day, while a bad hair day can just spoil their mood. Women usually consider their hair as a reflection of their confidence, authenticity, and power. The hairdo is the crucial part for them whether they are at home or going to a party.

It is a known fact that natural hair is more likely to experience shrinkage. It is totally understood that the growth of our hair depends on the arrangement of our DNA. However, our hair is adaptable, and beautiful as well as a canvas that we can paint on the daily and modify the look whenever we want.

The naturalistas are often put against the obstacle of safely stretching out their curls. This is because they want to see the growth evolution as the reward for all the care and hard work they have put in for the betterment of their hair. There are numerous ways that can turn their wish into reality, and this can be done through African hair stretching.

Hair stretching without heat

The women who love their natural hair often fear the various ways it can get damaged, such as by heat when styling their hair. Hair suffers a lot of breakages, split ends, and roughness due to excessive heat-based styling methods. Females who have kinky or tight curls mostly blow dry their hair or use a flat iron or diffuser to stretch their curls or retain the actual length that is not visible due to shrinkage. But when direct heat is subjected to healthy hair, it results in dryness and loss of hair.

For the growth and care of healthy hair, the best way is to stick to the heat moderation technique or no heat at all. Apparently, some natural hairdos do a great job with hair that is stretched, and to your surprise, there is a method that can save your hair from getting damaged due to heat, and it is known as African hair stretching.

This technique was prevalent in Africa for centuries, and the women there have used this ancient art widely. Currently, this technique has re-emerged in the community of women who prefer natural hair. The alternative was regarded as the protective and heat-free styling method.


The technique of African hair stretching is something that is in trend, and many brands like Amtu Hair Art & Tools are coming up with new and innovative tools and hair jewels that will add grace to your normal hair. They offer a wide range of accessories for hair that is inspired by the ancient traditional practices of Africa, such as threading, stretching, and much more.

Nowadays, brands focus more on the factor of how natural hair can be cared for and appreciated rather than using artificial techniques to achieve desired hair health and growth. With various kinds of tools and accessories, you can match your style as per the condition of your hair. On some days, hair tends to be bouncy, while on other days, you wish to stretch them. Therefore, the use of natural hair tools is the best option to style your hair in a protected and innovative way without the fear of damage.


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