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Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Duties of the VIP Wardrobe Maid Mentioned by Best Maid Agency

For family members of VIP status, the maid provided by the best maid agency Singapore should be a reliable assistant who knows very well their tastes, preferences, traditions and financial capabilities in terms of wardrobe.

A VIP-wardrobe maid is a profession that requires special skills and qualities: an experienced housewife, an intelligent woman, a person-diplomat. And, at the same time an enterprising and active nature, capable of learning new information. Furthermore, being responsible and making independent decisions.

Character traits such as patience and friendliness are encouraged. Carefulness, orderliness, professional ethics and delicacy are important in this work.

Competent speech (if there is an accent, then the minimum), the ability to clearly formulate and express one’s thoughts, the level of culture plays an equally important role.

The duties of the maid of the VIP wardrobe pointed by best maid agency are as follows:

1. Order in wardrobes, dressers of the house (apartment) and in the dressing room.
These features imply:

  • Cleaning from dust on shelves, clothes and shoes;
  • Formation of special sections for storing wardrobe items according to styles, colours and styles of wardrobe items.

2. Care of items of VIP-wardrobe:

  • Regularly checking the condition of the clothes of family members and the subsequent necessary actions: sending for storage, ironing or steaming, washing or sending to dry cleaning, bleaching, removing stains;
  • Revision of things stored in the VIP-wardrobe: determination of the degree of wear and tear, repair of clothes, shoes and accessories – manually or in workshops;
  • Washing things: by hand, using washing and ironing machines; selection of appropriate means for washing and removing stains, taking into account the wishes and health characteristics of each family member;
  • Ironing of women’s, men’s, children’s clothing, suits (using irons, ironing systems, rollers and presses, as well as using steam dummies);
  • Care for accessories (bags, belts, sports equipment) and shoes (washing soles, caring for the upper part of shoes using special shoe care products);
  • Checking and caring for home textiles (furniture upholstery, cushions, carpets and table coverings, curtains): cleaning, stain removal, washing;
  • Preparation and packing of things for seasonal storage.
  1. Stacking suitcases, sports bags, backpacks and their subsequent unpacking and distribution of things.
  2. Care of household appliances (washing and drying machines, all types of ironing systems): knowledge and adherence to the rules of their operation, timely dispatch for repair and maintenance.

Necessary skills of a maid to care for a VIP wardrobe:

  • Know well the peculiarities of caring for expensive materials, understand the labelling of clothes;
  • Initial interest and knowledge in the field of fashion and styles (in-depth knowledge is appreciated);
  • Have minimal handicraft skills (a wide range of skills are encouraged);
  • Be able to establish communication with third-party organizations involved in the work (dry cleaners, workshops and other service departments);
  • Keep abreast of new products in the field of means and methods of caring for wardrobe items and inform the manager about it;
  • Constantly keep in touch with the Manager, for effective coordination of housekeeping activities.

According to agreement between the employer and the maid agency, the house lady can be asked with additional duties:

  • Help with children (changing clothes, accompanying to school, to circles and back, cleaning the children’s room).
  • Accommodation on the territory of the VIP-employer.
  • Accompanying family members on long trips, including foreign ones.

You can become a good highly paid maid of a VIP wardrobe if you love your work, desire to develop professionally, improving and deepening knowledge in this area.


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