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Digital Marketing and the advantages of SEO for your business

 Digital Marketing and the advantages of SEO for your business

If you are on page 70 of search engine result pages, then it’s pretty obvious that your potential customer will not be able to find you. Because we all know that people do not even cross page 5 of a google search and change their search query. This is why it’s essential to understand the significance of SEO and how it can advantage your brand. All of this is mentioned in this blog.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the marketing that is conducted on electronic devices to reach customers which are online. They can be in the form of videos, display ads and other forms of ads, SEO, and social media posts. Digital marketing has gained momentum over the years as social media platform has become popular. And as of April 2022, five billion people use the internet.

Digital marketing consists of mediums such as:

Affiliate marketing Network: Through it, anyone can make money by simply promoting their business or product. Several affiliate marketing platforms are available from which Linkcircle Affiliate Marketing Network is the only one offering a 90% profit share with their affiliates.

Content Marketing: The quality of the content is the main element for any optimised page. This is where SEO plays a significant role in content marketing. It uses a strategy that is based on the scattering of beneficial and suitable content. To pitch to the target audience.

Social media marketing: It’s simply used to engage the audience. As well as form good relations with them. The post on social media allows the audience to converse with the brand directly.

PPC: PPC means pay-per-click. You pay whenever someone clicks on the link. This is specifically helpful as you don’t have to constantly pay for running an ad. Instead, you only pay when anyone click on the ad.

Influencer marketing: The Influencers present on various platforms with a huge following can be used in influencer marketing. These influencers may include celebrities, industry experts, and content creators.

Native Advertisement: The native advertisement goal is to blend in with other content and not to look like an obvious ad. These ads are must be labelled as promoted or sponsored. They are different from traditional ads.

Email Marketing: It’s this promotional email is sent to the prospect. To create awareness about new products or the introduction of new deals or discount offers. Although this email does have some rules which need to be followed. These are listed below:

  • An unsubscribe button at the bottom.
  • Info regarding the types of emails the prospects will receive.
  • Personalised the content in terms of the body and subject line.

How SEO is more important in digital marketing than others:

SEO is search engine optimisation that helps grow the quantity and quality of organic traffic. If executed properly, this can provide exposure by non-paid search results. SEO utilises the keyword related to the searches their relevant audience is searching for. If you get this part right, you will be able to connect with your audience.

All the other components in Digital marketing use other sources to get traffic to the brand, but SEO does it directly.

Benefits of SEO:

Google ranks those websites whose content is best suitable for the audience. SEO strategies also make the website a helpful place for the audience.

Forms Brand Awareness:

It happens automatically when people see your brand popping up more often. So they start to recognise your brand more. And also make them visit and get to know about products and services. Which ultimately leads to sales.

Enhance user experience:

Google has decided to prioritise those websites which produce high quality. Here SEO can make use of the content to rank the website. By making use of relevant keywords to add to their website. Primarily the users are looking for a website that answers their questions. Along with our easy-to-use on a day-to-day basis. If your website is doing that, google will also rank it.

More traffic:

SEO brings in organic traffic. And entices a new and relevant audience. SEO brings those people who are genuinely interested in the content of your website. And not because they were shown in an advertisement.

Long-term growth:

In the vast Digital marketing strategy, SEO is by far the best for growing the business. Through SEO, the higher you rank your website. The more organic traffic you receive. It’s not only about ranking the website using relevant keywords. But also regularly maintaining and updating it. To continually attract new visitors. This will not only enhance your ranking, but your users will also share your website with others.


In this blog, digital marketing and all the way through which digital marketing is conducted have been stated and defined. However, this blog is specially focused on SEO. That is how simply the use of SEO can provide so many benefits to the brand.