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Dedicated Server Web Hosting

 Dedicated Server Web Hosting

Many firms encountered dedicated server hosting providers when looking for an appropriate hosting plan and strategy. However, they continue to wonder what the best dedicated server hosting is and how to choose one.

Dedicated servers are the best option when your company needs robust hosting to increase its online visibility. These 10 validated web hosting services deliver the reliability that mission-critical websites demand.

Online, there are many suppliers to choose from, but very few of them are actually providing real services. You can learn more about them all by continuing to read.

Let us read on to find out the WHAT and HOW, shall we?


1. HostingSeekers 

HostingSeekers can host anything from a blogging website to a full-fledged responsive business website. With a dedicated server, your website won’t be affected by some other website’s traffic or performance. If your website witnesses a high number of daily transactions and needs to be up and running 24/7 with no chance of default, then you must try dedicated hosting.

In addition, HostingSeekers is the ideal platform to find a top-rated dedicated server hosting providers. It is a hosting place that lists thousands of top web hosting companies from across the world. The site shows genuine user reviews, so you can rely on them without a second thought.

2. Redswitches  

RedSwitches, a well-known brand in the hosting sector, provides complete and excellent dedicated server hosting. It ensures data availability and reliability in every circumstance by using a variety of data centers across several countries. It also offers free server management, which helps reduce the exponential cost of server upkeep.

Moreover, it offers the following features, making it an outstanding cheap dedicated hosting provider:  

  • Built-in tools to deploy the application assuring no modification and modernization in the source code.  
  • Horizontal and Vertical scaling, enabling to utilize as many resources with pay according to utilization basis.  
  • 24/7 Available support services for all the 200+ dedicated servers available across different continents. 

3. Rad Web Hosting  

Red Hosting is an excellent option if you want to take advantage of dedicated server hosting with some extra perks over others. It provides a variety of built-in tools that aid in enhancing the website’s performance and speed. Additionally, 99.9% uptime is guaranteed at very low hosting costs. 

Additionally, whether you run into a technical or non-technical problem, their support staff will be on hand to help you within an hour. Additionally, Red Web Hosting has a money-back guarantee that guarantees a full refund of all payments made within 30 days, no questions asked.  

From multiple domain hosting and automated data backup to executing multiple scripts, it enables performing all the essential functions.  

4. Moxihost 

Moxihost offers a wide selection of dedicated hosting services using a cloud infrastructure approach, including free SSL and free migrations. It has an auto-installer to make setting up WordPress websites simple.

 Additionally, it offers SitePath, Immunity 360, and CloudLinux for cPanel to help with management. In addition to this, it makes it hassle-free for you to maintain data confidentiality and integrity thanks to built-in security controls. It continuously keeps an eye on the servers to ensure that they are functioning properly.

Furthermore, you can seamlessly move your websites to a reliable platform thanks to its unlimited migrations. Your customer retention, satisfaction, and conversion rates will all consequently increase. Additionally, it contains Softaculous, which enables the one-click installation of more than 400 apps. 

Moxihost can undoubtedly assist you with dedicated server hosting in this cutthroat industry.

5. JOIV Host  

JOIV Host has all the necessary infrastructure if you are seeking for a dedicated web hosting service for businesses. It offers a full cloud-based solution that is expertly maintained to ensure optimal availability and performance at all times. Its services are always available, and you can use and upgrade it whenever you like.

Moreover, it offers the below-listed features, aiding in optimizing the overall application:  

  • SSD storage, assuring RAID protection and faster request execution.  
  • Control Panel (cPanel) for controlling, managing, and streamlining the core operations.  
  • Complimentary DDoS protection to never let system crash.  
  • Single click installation along with CDN network upon the Cloudflare platform. 

What Sets Dedicated Servers Apart from Shared Web Hosting?

Just as it sounds, shared hosting involves sharing server resources with other websites. A nearby website that consumes excessive CPU and RAM resources may have an impact on your pages if you build your website on a shared server. Your pages might load slowly or not at all, for instance, if that site has a significant increase in traffic

A dedicated server only hosts one website, in contrast to a shared server that supports several websites. Purchasing a dedicated server has the dual advantages of improving website stability and dependability. Since your website does not share a server’s CPU, RAM, or storage with any other websites, it may make use of all of these resources. These advantages in terms of site stability and speed should not be undervalued.

System administrators have more control over the programs and scripts they can put on the server when they purchase a dedicated server. Because whatever you do could potentially have an impact on the other websites that share the server, shared hosting is much more constrained in that sense. Your scripts and programs will not use up anybody else’s RAM or bandwidth when you have the server to yourself.

Concluding Up: From where to get Cheap Dedicated Hosting?  

While finding the best dedicated server hosting providers, you can get confused. But, you can easily streamline this procedure through HostingSeekers. It is a prominent partner of leading dedicated hosting service providers, offering exceptional services.  

You can select any provider from HostingSeekers and all your requirements will get covered. From free SSL and data security to SSD and 24/7 support services, you will get all of them. 


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