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Tuesday, September 21, 2021
How do I choose a Filigree Ring?

If antique, vintage, delicate and stunning is your type then Filigree rings are meant for you. Such rings have the most unique details with a touch of femininity. Intricate motifs and lacy looks can define Filigree the best. The more complex the jewellery, the finer it looks!

If you want an engagement ring for yourself that is extraordinary and has individuality then opt for Filigree rings. Since there are a lot of designs as well as types available, confusion is bound to happen. If you too are stuck and want some help choosing a Filigree ring then this article is for you.

What is Filigree?

Filigree literally means a small bead of lines that is added to jewellery. This term is used to define a fragile piece of ornament that is made of metal. Threads of precious metals like white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum are used to create unique designs and then they are soldered on the rings.

Often people confuse Filigree with engraved jewellery. However, this certainly is not the case because, in engraved jewellery, the carving is done at jewellery. On the other hand, designs are layered at the top of the jewellery in the Filigree technique.

Aid to Choosing the Perfect Filigree Ring

Picking up a filigree engagement ring is not a piece of cake. Since these rings are a hefty investment, a lot of thought processes should go into choosing the right ring.

Here are some things that you should consider before buying the ring:

  1. Before finalising a ring, ensure that you know what kind of metal you want. Platinum is one of the most popular choices for such rings as they are highly durable. Not only do they look great but they also are perfect for engagement rings.

Gold is another metal you can opt for as it comes in various types. You can choose from white, yellow and rose gold. Also, you can pick 24k gold, 18k or 10k gold, depending on your budget. Other than that, opt for sterling silver if you want a blend of epitome and durability.

  1. If there is open space available behind the filigree then it is known as Openwork filigree. However, if there is a solid metal instead of the open space then it is known as metal-supported filigree. Both of these come in different designs so you can choose one type that you like the most.

Moreover, there are some filigree rings that are a combination of open space and metal-supported filigree. If you want a unique ring then this combination will be perfect for you.

  1. Next, decide which motif you want to be used in your filigree engagement ring. Scrollwork is a popular motif that is lacy, thicker and absolutely stunning. Celtic designs come with deep meanings that the wearer can connect with. There are leaves, hearts, vines as well as floral filigree that looks amazing on the ring. Pick one that resonated the best with you.

If you want Filigree for your engagement ring then make sure that the gemstone matches and pitches the Filigree band flawlessly. Also, the band should complement the gemstone by adding more spark to it. Ensure that the design does not become too messy or the band and gemstone are not mismatched.

To Conclude –

Adding Filigree to the wedding band is simply great as it makes the gemstone look bigger. These antique and intricate beauties look mesmerising. You do not need any occasion to wear a Filigree ring as it suits every event. Narrow down your choices and get the best ring ever.

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