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All about SuperHost status on Airbnb

 All about SuperHost status on Airbnb

  What is Airbnb Superhost: All About Superhost Status on Airbnb

A Superhost is a special status that denotes highly rated Airbnb hosts. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to be the owner of a luxury villa on the coast. Those who rent out a room in their own home can also receive this award. It is only essential to be as hospitable as possible and take care of the comfort of your guests.

To provide guests with the highest quality service, you can delegate most of the daily tasks to professionals. So, the photographer will take high-quality photos for your ad, and the cleaning service will take care of the cleanliness of the apartment. Automating management tasks (AutoMessage, AutoReviews, etc.) will allow you to quickly respond to messages and customer feedback. All these services can be ordered on particular services (for example, on Use them and you will save a lot of time, effort, and reserves for the development of your business.

What is SuperHost status on Airbnb?

Superhost status can be obtained by any property owner hosting guests. It is only essential to make your apartment as comfortable as possible, quickly respond to customer requests and provide a pleasant atmosphere in your home.

How to do it? First of all, imagine yourself in the place of your guests. What would you need while traveling? What do you need for a business trip? How would I like my hosts to communicate with me?

These answers will give you the key to the success of your business. Superhost status is a reward for the quality of your service over the past 365 days. The check takes place once a quarter. Therefore, to maintain your status, you must constantly stay on top.

What are the benefits of being a SuperHost?

After you become a Superhost, a special badge will be displayed on your logo. It will be visible to all Airbnb users. As a Superhost, you will receive several benefits:

  • Increase customer confidence in you. Many guests who want the most comfortable, cozy conditions immediately choose a filter to select only listings from Superhosts. Also, when choosing between two similar options, the user is more likely to give preference to the Superhost. And that means you get more bookings.
  • Increase your income. If attention to your properties is high, you can set a higher price in your listings. However, it is important to soberly assess the conditions of your premises and the price of competitors.
  • Get extra bonuses. Airbnb provides special rewards for Superhosts who prove their special status. For example, the reward for attracting new Hosts is increased.

Thus, you will significantly benefit from developing your real estate rental business.

In this way, you will get a significant advantage in developing your real estate rental business. Potential customers will trust you more because only experienced, hospitable hosts get the status of a Superhost. Plan for a homely, cozy environment, and your rental business will thrive.

Tips for getting SuperHost status on Airbnb

A Superhost is a host with an impeccable reputation. That’s why Airbnb will evaluate your performance over a long period – 12 months. The check is made once every 3 months, so you will have to constantly ensure that your rating remains high. Everything must be perfect for the last 365 days, and you will receive the long-awaited badge.

The most essential requirements are:

  • You must accept at least 10 bookings. Or your guests must stay at least 100 days within 3 bookings. That is, you either have many guests staying, or there are those customers who come to you for a long time.
  • Quick response to messages. Established communication with guests is vital for your reputation. The Superhost badge will only appear if you respond to more than 90% of requests within 24 hours.
  • The number of cancellations of bookings should not be more than 1%. Exceptions are valid reasons specified in Airbnb’s Policy. Also, remember the non-discrimination policy: you can’t refuse a guest’s booking based on their ethnic, religious, racial, or marital status. There is only one exception: if you plan to share a home with guests, you can specify that you only accept guests of the same gender.
  • The guest rating of your property must be at least 4.8. A positive guest experience is a major indicator of a Superhost’s reputation. Please note that only reviews that have been replied to by hosts are counted. At least 14 days must pass from the moment of withdrawal – to clear up all possible misunderstandings.

A positive guest experience is the most important criterion on this list. Therefore, consider what makes your property more comfortable, cozy, and attractive. Sometimes even minor details can create an impression: a rocking chair, an iron and ironing board, a comfortable workplace and high-speed Internet, and even a beautiful picture on the wall. And, of course, the atmosphere is created by the hospitality of the hosts and their willingness to meet the guests.


Superhosts are a particular category on Airbnb that includes experienced, helpful, and hospitable hosts. Anyone who responds quickly to customer messages gets excellent reviews and avoids cancellations can make this list. Whether you rent out a luxurious villa or a small cozy room does not matter. The main thing is to create a unique atmosphere and make guests feel at home. And don’t forget to remind guests that their feedback is essential to you.

Superhost status will allow you to gain more audience trust, which means more bookings, higher income, and rapid business growth.

To optimize everyday tasks, you can use the services of professionals – this will speed up your path to the Superhost. Managers, cleaning specialists, and photographers will help you achieve this Airbnb Olympus. Good luck!

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