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7 Clothing Styles to Try This Winter

 7 Clothing Styles to Try This Winter

The thought of keeping warm and remaining fashionable during the winter can sometimes be daunting. In the past, the focus was on wearing clothes that could provide the necessary warmth you need during winter. However, things have changed, and the fashion industry is setting the pace by creating clothes that can keep you warm and, at the same time, give you that fashionable look. This article intends to inform you about seven clothing styles you need to try this winter.


1. Block Colors

Unlike in the past when a drab color rut was the most popular among winter outfits, bold colors are cropping in firmly and boldly as the daring trends of winter. For this winter, you may try outfits with block colors such as violet, hot pink, and red, among others.


However, if you are not confident in bold and bright colors, you can blend them with cool colors like lime green and blue. Also, you don’t have to wear full bright colored clothes all over your body; instead, you can mix a bright pink sweater with your favorite ripped jeans. Alternatively, you can try hats, bags, or shoes with bold colors.


2. Shackets

This shirt-jacket combination outfit is made of thick flannel fabric, enough to keep you warm during winter. Besides the warm, the shirt-like garment comes with a collar and buttons, typically keeping it more fashionable even in the cold. For the past years, shackets have increasingly become popular during winter.


Shackets come in various classic wool plaid designs and also in the form of leather and shearling designs. As winter approaches, consider including various latest designs of shackets, and be sure to rock in it!


3. Leather Pants

Both leather pants and faux leather pants are not only warmer as woolen ones, but they are trendy with a glamorous look. Leather pants can be worn with a down jacket or oversized bombers and still rock your look. Leather pants come in various colors, such as black, bold red, or olive green.


If you want to tone down the natural rockstar vibe of your leather pants, try them with a slim-fit crewneck sweater or a button-up shirt. Leather pants should be among the ultimate staple pieces for your winter outfits.


4. Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots have comfort and are stylish, making them one of the staples you need not miss for winter. The knee-high boots come in various designs suitable for winter occasions. And depending on your preference, you may pair the high boots with a dress with at least two inches above your boots or a denim outfit. Another reason for picking these trendy, comfy boots is their durability.


For this summer, try the simple (minimal details) black or brown knee-high boots with skinny jeans or crossover leggings accompanied by a tailored blazer.


5. Two-In-One Coat

This coat offers you a convertible sherpa with an option to choose which side to wear. With these types of coats, you are sure of maximum warmth since each side has its layer system. Your two-in-one coat traps warm air between each side, thus generating more warmth necessary in the winter season.


Wearing two-in-one makes you warm with a cozy look. Additionally, this coat type comes in different options and designs, offering you a wide range to choose from. Besides, the jackets save you the hassle of wearing multiple jackets on cold days.


6. Sweater Dresses

A sweater dress is a layer in cold weather and keeps your dress code more stylish and hotter. For this coming winter, looser and flowier silhouettes are in high demand compared to the usual curve-hugging design. Try them out!


Add a waist-cinching belt on top of the sweater dress for a perfect look while minimizing your accessories to achieve that sleek look. Sweater dresses are simple and need no brainwork to wear.


7. Feathers, Shearling, And Other Textures

This coming winter is a bit different as the focus is more on fashion than patterns and prints on clothes—vibe in outfits that add aesthetic value to your overall look. The clothes made of feathers, shearlings, and chunky knitting are perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities for the winter period.


Additionally, if you prefer a monochrome dressing code, you can opt for winter clothes with effects of croc-embossed scales and raised woodgrain textures. This particular unique trend of clothes is soft and durable.


With winter fast approaching, fill your wardrobe with the appropriate trendy and warm clothes. Check out the latest fashionable and comfy designs of different clothes, footwear, and accessories, and rock in your new look this winter.


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