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6 Signs of a Drug Addiction and How to Overcome it

 6 Signs of a Drug Addiction and How to Overcome it

Drug addiction is a severe problem that can lead to mental and physical health issues. Addiction may change how you feel, act or look. Here are signs and symptoms that show one is dependent on alcohol or drugs.

1. Physical Signs

It’s easy to spot a drug addict from the physical appearance. The first sign is sudden weight loss. When you’re addicted to drugs, you will likely lose your appetite. As a result, you’ll lose weight drastically. Additionally, you will notice a change in sleeping patterns. It’s because the drugs affect your sleep quality and duration.


Another sign of drug misuse is a change in your complexion. Notably, some drugs cause the skin to be itchy, red, and dry. What’s more, rushes may form. The excessive use of drugs can also cause the development of acne and can worsen if you have a skin condition. If you use many substances for a long time, your skin color might become gray or pale.

Changes in Behavior

Besides going through physical changes, you’ll also start acting differently. It could be towards your coworkers or your loved ones. These changes can damage your relationships. Here are some behavioral changes to note.

1. Secretive Behaviors

Addiction may cause feelings of shame and guilt. Thus, you’ll isolate yourself from the people around you. It may include skipping all social gatherings and always looking for a safe place to consume illegal substances. It could also mean skipping meals with your family.

2. Neglecting Responsibilities

Drug addiction causes massive damage to your relationships. You don’t have enough time to handle your regular responsibilities when on drugs. It includes skipping work and classes because of a hangover. It also includes neglecting your children’s and partners’ needs. Since you’re unavailable for your partner, it might cause disagreements.

3. Financial Crisis

Notably, many of these illegal drugs are costly. Thus, you might spend much of your finances to fund your drug cravings. Since illicit drugs are addictive, you’ll have to borrow once you’ve exhausted your finances. This will lead to having huge unhelpful debts. Worse, you might sell your belongings for more money for the illegal substances.

4. Physiological Signs

When you’re an addict, your feelings might change, affecting your behavior. First is depression and anxiety. When on drugs, you lose interest in what excited you before. This will intensify or trigger feelings of sadness, loneliness, and hopelessness.


Another psychological sign is low self-esteem. Because of the physical changes from drug addiction, you’ll lack the confidence to interact with others. What’s more, you’ll experience mood swings. With this, you’ll be easily irritated with people or something around you. Besides, you’ll lack the motivation to meet your goals.

5. Change in Performance

Drugs affect your ability to make the right decisions. Because your mind is preoccupied with how you’ll get the illegal substances or a safe space to indulge in them, it can mean crossing paths with law enforcement as you are likely to drive under the influence or be disorderly. These events lead to a decrease in your performance.

Ways to Overcome Drug Addiction

The recovery process is not easy or quick. The period depends on the illicit drugs used and how long you have been on them. Fortunately, your recovery will be a success under good treatment and care. Here are ways you can overcome the addiction.

Medical Assistance

For Drug Addiction Help, turn to your doctor. Notably, drugs manipulate your brain. Thus, you cannot function efficiently when you’re not on drugs. To overcome this, you’ll need professional addiction support. You’ll be put under medication and behavioral therapies to help you overcome. Your doctor will also follow up to ensure you don’t relapse.

Seek Social Support

Another reliable way to get over drug misuse is turning to the people around you. Let your loved ones know about your drug struggles and your desire to change. Some might not have had the same experience; yet, they’ll be willing to find help for you. Support from your loved ones will give you the strength to make the necessary adjustments.


Drug misuse is a problem that interferes with your routine. Fortunately, there is treatment, and you will recover. But, you have to be ready to change.

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