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6 Reasons to Have Electric Vehicle Chargers at Work

 6 Reasons to Have Electric Vehicle Chargers at Work

Doubtlessly, the demand for EVs is quickly accelerating. With this in mind, having an electric vehicle charging infrastructure in your commercial building is necessary. If you install these charging amenities at work, here are the benefits you will reap.

1. Gets Your Business on the Map

Notably, a company’s success is dependent on its customers. Thus, you must know how to capture and keep the client’s attention. To help you with this, you need to have electric charger stations at work. When electric vehicle users plan a long trip, they look for a charging location.


Thus, having a charger infrastructure in your company will elevate your visibility, and EV users can have your building as an option. It is also ideal for promoting your company’s image as new clients will notice the environmental concern. If your company targets millennials, you attract them as most are cautious about the environment.


Electric vehicles take at least 30 minutes to charge fully. During this time, the drivers will find something to do, and since they are on your premises, they’ll learn more about your company. Besides attracting new clients, there is a probability they will keep coming because of the charger option. It is hence ideal for boosting brand loyalty.

2. Tax Incentives

Many governments worldwide, including the US, ensure that electric vehicle adoption gains traction. To help achieve this goal, the government calls upon businesses in all industries to have an electric vehicle charging infrastructure. It is a move to help support the growing number of EVs in the industry.


The government bodies have some financial incentives to make this possible. They include tax credits and grant funding which subsidizes installation costs for the infrastructure in your facility. Understand that the amount of tax incentives you will get depends on your state’s law.

3. Helps Generate Revenue

Electric vehicle charging installation at work can be an extra income. Fortunately, these chargers can get tailored to suit your business needs. Hence, it can control who uses the amenity and the charges. To have an amenity that can meet your business requirements, you should consider reliable ev charging station contractors.

4. Helps Draw and Keep Workers

Besides giving the company a competitive edge in your specialization, installing such an amenity in your company also benefits your workers. Having this infrastructure onsite, workers will be more productive. It’s because they don’t have to think about where they will find a place where they can charge their vehicle. Also, because they feel noticed and valued, they will have the motivation to improve their performance.


By fulfilling your workers’ needs, you are sure to keep them longer. These amenities are also an excellent way to attract appeal to new talent. Remarkably, many employees look for environment cautious institutions to work for. Thus, the infrastructure will create an excellent first impression, and the company taps into the skillful individuals in the industry.

5. Helps Prepare Your Company for Future Changes

The industry has gradual adjustments; thus, you must ensure that your company is ahead of the changes. With the government’s attempt to increase EVs’ popularity, this trend will gradually grow. To be ahead of your competition, you must have the amenity installed in your building. By incorporating this measure, you can be a business leader.

6. Ensures the Company is Sustainable and Contributes to CSR

Today’s society is into sustainability. To help save the environment, many companies are taking the initiative of reducing carbon print and going green. Since it has become standard, it is essential that your company contributes to CSR and that you are taking the initiative to ensure that the environment gets protected.


A step toward having a reliable sustainability model has the charging amenity on your premises. As seen above, clients and workers have worked with institutions concerned with the environment. Thus, they will join your company to get associated with the movement.


An electric vehicle charging station at work helps your company be at the forefront; thus, you’ll build your image. As a result, you will attract skillful workers and clients, which will help grow your business. The abovementioned are just some of the benefits of electric vehicle chargers at the workplace.

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