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5 professions for those who like to edit videos

 5 professions for those who like to edit videos

Gone are the days when the profession of video editor was limited to film and television productions. With the popularity of social networks, especially YouTube, the publishing market has expanded opportunities and awakened aptitude for the general public. In our current remote teaching and working period, coupled with a large increase in video consumption, the taste for editing happens subtly and by chance many times. If the art of editing has also reached you somehow, whether for schoolwork, professional projects, or for personal use on social networks, you should know that there are at least five professions for those who like to edit videos.

Special effects technician

If you are a fan of superhero movies, such as the acclaimed Spider-Man: No Return Home, and the Marvel universe, you have seen the number of special effects present in the edition.

This professional needs to have an attentive and meticulous eye when creating edits and animations created by computer graphics or props already present in video editors. The special effects technician can work in the post-production of films, music clips, company materials, and television commercials, among other possibilities.

Video editor

In this case, in addition to film and television productions, this professional can explore other categories. A video editor is able to get spots on broadcasters in the area of reports, soap operas, reality shows and talk shows. In addition, the events sector is heated for professionals who edit the footage of weddings, concerts and parties in general.

Another promising category is present on social networks, such as Tik Tok and Instagram, where brands and influencers work with the sale of images and products through videos, challenges, interviews and much more content.


Who never dreamed of being a successful YouTuber? Throw the first mouse! The platform is a scenario full of figures who have created empires through sharing ideas and content. In this case, you can take advantage of YouTube in two ways: sharing your knowledge with editing tools, creating your own channel, or looking for up-and-coming YouTubers who want to outsource this task.

It is valid to use an online video editor with ready-made templates and platform-specific dimensions, as the process becomes faster and less likely to make mistakes or need to make further corrections.

Animated vignettes editor

Virtually all television shows have an animated vignette that prepares the audience for the start of the material. The vignettes are produced by a specialist video editor and are highly sought after in the audiovisual market. This profession is ideal for those who also enjoy graphic animation.


Little is known, but an important professional for delivering perfect movies and series is the colorist. This professional is responsible for adjusting all the colors of production, especially when the images are captured by more than one camera.

As each piece of equipment has specific settings, it is up to the colorist to ensure that the union of the images is coherent about the tonality of the images, avoiding color changes in the final scenes. In addition to this function, the professional can influence the spectator’s feelings in relation to the images.

Films in shades of orange, for example, convey the idea of coziness. On the other hand, images with bluish filters cause coldness and detachment.


There are professional opportunities for video editors from different departments. With the changes in the job market and the high demand for audiovisual materials, we can see that the video editor is on the list of the hottest professions in the future. If this is your hobby, it can be a fun way to profit from it.



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