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5 Best Investment Platforms

 5 Best Investment Platforms

America’s economy is in a very tough and scary place as of late 2022. Whether it’s the fault of any current or former administration, or whether it’s just a global phenomenon, all that matters is that people are financially suffering. Trillions of dollars of value have been lost in the Stock Market this year, and millions are afraid. Others, however, are still investing because they’re concerned about their future, and so they’re not letting a bit of an economic downturn affect their drive to invest. Online investing is still quite popular, and many platforms are doing well. Here are 5 of the best to try out.


1: Fidelity

Fidelity, formerly known as Fidelity Management & Research, is far and away one of the top online options trading brokerage platforms. They have a staggering $4.5 trillion under management, and they run a very pristine service. Their online platform is user-friendly, with a great interface, solid management features, and customer support that’s always available. Fidelity bills itself as a beginner-friendly online investment platform that anyone can get the hang of and use. There are no commissions on ETFs or stock trades, and they offer a plethora of low-risk options for people who just want to let their money grow over time.


2. Options AI

For an options trading brokerage platform that’s running very hot in 2022, Options AI is one of the best. This platform is different than most, with a design that was crafted specifically for a digital world. This sets Options AI apart, insofar as they’re a friendlier platform for people looking for low-cost ways to trade or buy stocks. They also offer users charts, fast and custom trades, as well as a trade scanner to make it much easier to find potential investment opportunities on your own, without the addition of a broker working on commission. This platform is gaining a lot of steam and dethroning some of the biggest players around.


3. TD Ameritrade

If you’ve watched television in the past decade, you’ve probably heard this name before. TD Ameritrade is a 5-star-rated trading platform that is known for having a wide range of tools that investors can use to build multiple income streams. Unlike a lot of other trading platforms, TD Ameritrade got its start outside of Wall Street. It started in Omaha, Nebraska, and was a small-time firm. For common and preferred stocks, futures, fixed-income investments, and much more, TD Ameritrade is certainly a very popular choice.


4. E*Trade

As its name suggests, E*Trade is all about online investing and trading. It was rated by the StockBrokers website as the best for mobile trading (app) and also for ease of use. That’s very important for actual investors. Stock traders are a busier bunch and have more market knowledge in general, whereas investors are the tortoise racing the hare and aren’t worried about fast gains. So having a mobile platform that’s easy to use is a big win for investors. Online trading platforms are very beneficial.


5. Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers, LLC is a New York-based brokerage firm whose claim to fame is that its services are a magnet for professional investors and traders. This doesn’t mean that they’re not beginner-friendly, however. What this means is that if you do hire a professional broker to assist you in investing, Interactive Brokers is likely one of the platforms that they’re going to use to help make sure that your investments pay off over time. It’s a 4.5-star rated platform, which is pretty good when you consider that 5 stars are as high as it goes. They get dinged a little bit for not having the cleanest or easiest-to-use online platform, but they are rated as the best for having the most investment options.


In Conclusion

The fact of the matter is that there are dozens upon dozens of different online options trading brokerage platforms you can find. The real issue here is in finding a trustworthy platform. You don’t want platforms that are embroiled in investigations or have had to change their name to avoid collapse. The 5 listed above are certainly worth a look if you’re interested in investing.

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