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4 Steps to a Smoother Youthful-Looking Complexion

Creating the perfect balance of nutrition and skincare products for anti aging benefits to help you look and feel younger doesn’t have to be as daunting as you may think. There are several ways to look and feel refreshed, from making better choices in your diet and lifestyle, to finding the perfect anti aging serum. Of course, it all starts with hydration! Here are four steps, including a rejuvenating retinol serum to a powerful pigment corrector, for smoother healthy-looking skin.

Make Hydration and Healthy Foods Your Friends

Creating new habits doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Start with staying hydrated. There are so many delicious options from coconut water to green tea to lemon water to… you got it, plain water! As it can be a challenge to drink your daily recommended water, you may want to increase your intake in small increments. Once you see the difference in your skin’s vitality and elasticity, you’ll be motivated to stay hydrated, and increase the quality of your nutrition. Nature provides some of the best antioxidants out there, with berries, nuts, citrus fruits, and dark chocolate being fantastic options for fighting free radicals.

The Anti-Wrinkle Wonders of Retinol Serum

While wrinkles are an inevitable sign of aging, who says you have to accept this without a fight? You can take action by reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles using a specially formulated retinol serum. Infused with a combination of peptides, retinol, and marine growth factor c-PDRN® to increase cellular turnover, a multi-benefit serum helps encourage your skin to produce more of its own collagen, evening the appearance of your skin tone and boosting cellular turnover. Restoring radiance back to your skin will give you the youthful glow you’re after.

Dark Spot Serum

Whether due to sun damage, age, hormonal fluctuations, or age, the appearance of dark spots, sunspots or age spots is a common concern for many. There are several options to addressing the appearance of dark spots. For instance, applying a hydroquinone-free dark spot serum is a great way to help restore the natural radiance of your complexion. Powerful ingredients like c-PDRN® and vitamin C help reduce pigmentation and even out the appearance of your skin tone. These pigment-correcting ingredients help to prevent over-drying, making it easy to add to your skincare routine.

Give Your Neck Some Attention

Did you know that your neck is one of the first areas to show signs of aging? It also has fewer oil glands, which makes keeping your neck moisturized all the more important, especially if you’re above or approaching 50 years old. One of the easiest ways to restore a youthful appearance, as your skin loses elasticity, is through the use of a specially formulated neck cream. A nourishing, rejuvenating neck cream made with powerful plant stem cells, peptides, and c-PDRN®, will help with the appearance of tightening and lifting. This helps to give your neck area a more youthful, sculpted look.

About Rejuran®

Rejuran® is here to help you rewrite your skin story one chapter at a time. After decades of research into skin-healing, anti aging, and optimal skin health, Rejuran® offers a full selection of products backed by top dermatologists and sold in spas worldwide. The brand’s products are loved by people of all ages and skin types, thanks to Rejuran®’s patented, proven skin transformation ingredient known as c-PDRN®. Working within the dermis to naturally encourage collagen production, this Marine Growth Factor helps to provide superior skin protection, promoting cellular turnover and improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the process. With thoughtfully developed formulas ranging from retinol serums to scar gel treatments, pigment correctors, and neck creams, Rejuran® helps you return your skin to its healthiest, most youthful glow.

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